embedpano call after a removepano

  • If I call a removepano action on the player then using a embedpano action (sometime not on the first call but after multiple remove/embed) I can raise an exception where js["WebGL"] is null and can't access to js["WebGL"].canvas.
    Never seen before into 1.19 pre3.

    Here : function ys(){return Dr[k]&&bi==t?_r[b][I]:_r[xn].canvas}

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  • Error is : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'canvas' of null

    Minified code linked to this error : _r[xn].canvas (where xn is "WebGL") and _r I don't know exactly.
    And _r[xn] is null in my case so there is an exception.

    Here is a sample of the JS functions used to embed and remove pano for standard and webvr modes.

    Into the krpano interface I've a button which call js(webvrmode) to load the WebVR mode with it's own specific XML files.
    And onunavailable and onexitvr events call js(stdmode) to go back
    to default player because XML used by standard mode and webvr mode are

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