Virtual Tour Editor - FATAL ERROR (Solved)

  • Hi!

    Today I have found a bug. All my Virtual Tour Editor files (tour_editor.html) don't work. Totaly all files, including those which I have made many months back.

    At the same time the main file of a virtual tour (for example tour.html) works correctly if I use KRpano Testing Server.

    Why? Updating of the browser? Or Windows update? Or virus?

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  • I am also getting the same error. I think its chrome browser update..It doesn't allow files to load from local files for security reasons. Dn't know for sure.

    But open tour editor in mozilla firefox it works..

  • I have been experiencing the same "security error" since Sept 17 while trying to run the Virtual Tour Editor on Mac Firefox, and Safari.
    How do I resolve this sudden problem??? *sad*

  • Hi,

    as it seems the latest Flashplayer update a few days ago has disabled the possibility to load local xml files by default.

    There are two possibilities:

    1. Use a localhost server, e.g. like the included krpano Testing Server:

    2. Or adjust the Flashplayer security settings:
    E.g. add 'c:' (Windows) or '/' (Mac) as location, then all panos within these paths will be able to use the vtoureditor helper tool again.

    Btw - there will be soon a new a krpano tool as replacement for the vtoureditor plugin. It will be a standalone tool and will work without Flash and without the Browser.

    Best regards,

  • Thanks for the solutions. I got rid of the ERROR by adding my computer to the Trusted Locations settings. A right-click in the error window will show the choices. Looking forward to the new Virtual Tour editor tool!!!

  • Thanks for the solutions. I got rid of the ERROR by adding my computer to the Trusted Locations settings. A right-click in the error window will show the choices. Looking forward to the new Virtual Tour editor tool!!!

    I've got that problem too, and tried the solution that's posted here, but it doesn't seem to work!
    Am I doing something wrong?

    I'm using option 2, and following the exact steps... still it doesn't work. *sad*

  • Btw - here an official confirmation from the Flashplayer 23 release notes:…ease_notes.html

  • Ok, so I've tested it again and thank god it works in Safari....!!

    But it has to be able to work in Chrome as well right?

    Before, I used Google Chrome and it used to work just fine, but now it doesn't anymore.
    I tried to added the locations on the Flash Player page, but it still doesn't work.
    But what location do you need to add exactly? Is it just the specific files or something else? Because that's what I did and it doesn't work.

    So, I use a Mac, with Google Chrome as I said above.

  • You might need to change the Flashplayer settings separately - in Safari and in Chrome. Chrome has its own internal Flashplayer.

    On Mac add '/' as trusted folder (or the lowest level folder where you store your panos/tours), then all folders and subfolders within that path will be trusted. Btw - type in the path manually, not via the selecting file/folders dialogs.

  • Hi

    We have clients, that requires vtours offline.

    Is there another way to allow offline vtour, than adjust flash security settings or install krpano testing server?

    It would be quite annoying to force our clients to do these steps...

  • Hi Klaus, thank you for the tool.

    But when I open the exe file, i have got the "Your internet security options prevent to open this file... "

    My clients would need to change the internet security options, so it would be almost the same complication, as to change the flash settings...

    Maybe is there another way, or am I doing something wrong?

  • It is a Windows security message, not the virus scanner...

    Sorry, but I don't know why you would get that message, I'm not getting it on any of my Windows systems...
    Here some help from the web - maybe try that:…opened-windows/

    I running serval times, still does'nt work *sad* I used, firefox, chrome and explorer all gives the same result : FATAL: tour.xml

    What folder have you added to the trusted folders?
    Due my experience the file/folder dialog in the Flash security settings sometimes doesn't work.
    If that's the case try entering e.g. just 'c:' in the trusted folder input field.

    Btw - here as note too - I'm already working on a standalone replacement tool for the flash-based vtoureditor plugin - than that plugin and Flash wouldn't be necessary anymore to edit the tours.

    Best regards,

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