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Notes for using the krpano Flash viewer locally / offline

When using the Flashplayer locally / offline, then the External Interface of the Flashplayer is disabled for security reasons by default.
When using the Flashplayer 'online', that means when running the Flashplayer on a 'http://' address (can be also a 'localhost' server), then the External Interface is always available.

This External Interface is necessary and important for many things:
The krpano viewer will show this warning in the krpano trace log when it is not available:
WARNING: ExternalInterface NOT available

Additionally it's possible to check interactively if the interface is available via the haveexternalinterface variable.

How to change the Flashplayer security settings

To allow a local running Flash program using the External Interface, the Flashplayer provides the so called trusted folders. Flash files inside these trusted folders can use the External Interface also locally. To add own, custom folders to these trusted folders see the following instructions:

Chrome Browser Note - the integrated Flashplayer of the Chrome Browser currently has a bug and ignores all custom Flash Player Security Settings! There it would be necessary either to disable the integrated Flashplayer (by using this url - chrome://plugins - click on 'Details' and deactivate the 'PPAPI' Flashplayer), or to use a localhost server for local testing.

1. Open the Flash Player Security Settings Page

Open this link:

Note - using the link from above to change the settings is highly recommended!
Newer Flashplayer versions are allowing to edit the trusted folders also from the right-click 'Global Settings' menu, but in some Browsers this is partially buggy and the settings will be not applied correctly. Therefore always use the Online Flashplayer Settings Manager to change the settings!


4. Add a location / folder

Select Browse for folders... and look for the folder which contains the Flash .swf file and select that folder, then click Confirm.
Note - Selecting a higher-level folder or the root folder itself is possible too, all sub-folders will be automatically trusted too!

5. Done

Verify if the folder was added correctly and the 'green check' is still shown at the 'Always allow' option and at the added folder. To apply the settings, just reload the settings page.
Note - the some browsers need to be restarted before the changed settings will work!