SphereToCube Error "too small fov value"

  • Hi
    I try to get a rectangular view out of a sphere.
    Using this command line in terminal (Mac):
    /Jobs/krp/krpanotools sphere2cube view /Jobs/krp/169.tif /Jobs/krp/169part.tif -outsize=10088x6724 -fov=43 -lookat=19,0,0 -noautolevel -jpegquality=100 -jpegoptimize
    immediately leads to:
    "ERROR: view mode - too small fov value!"

    Don´t know if it is relevant but: This is a 1.1 GByte Tif, 84460x42230 Pixel
    I tried other fov´s (more than 100 degrees too) and smaller outsizes too - no success at all.

    Can anybody help?

    EDIT: same error using a smaller sphere (8000x4000 px) with fov=90 and outsize=2000x1600

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