kmakemultires thumbsize ignored?

  • whole config:

  • Hi,

    the setting is not ignored, but the value range of that setting is currently limited at 512px.

    Do you really want larger thumbnail images?
    They will be ALL loaded and their memory-need needs to be respected! (the minimum memory-need in bytes is: width x height x 4 - so one 900x900 image already needs ~3MB!)

    Best regards,

  • Hey there,
    alright - makes sense! *wink*

    In our Case this wouldn't pose any problem as we run the Thumbs through Image Wrapper before embedding them into the Thumb-Bar. (thumburl="'.$rbStaticDomain.'/userdata/6282/pano/'.$scene['id'].'/thumb.jpg?width=240") <-- So all of the Thumbs are resized to 240x240 before outputting them ...
    The higher Resolution Image is just used on the Web-Page for Preview of the Pano ...
    But I guess I need to create another, larger Thumbnail for that if the Limit is 512px.

    thx, bye from Tirol

    ps) Maybe you could add the Information of the 512px Limit to the Documentation: *wink*

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