Convert Sphere to Cube drops GPS data

  • Hi Klaus

    Would be nice if the Sphere Cube Droplet could write the Exif position data from a spherical image to each of the cube faces as well.
    I often do a sphere to cube manually for image corrections on nadir or/and sky cube faces.
    With this conversion the position information stored in the source picture gets lost. Using the make vtour droplet after that makes it nessecary to add this lat / lng values manually into the resulting xml for every scene.

    I know it will lead to the question "which cubeface's position data (?)" to use for the xml.
    A solution could be to simply determine eg. "always using the front cubeface ("..._f.jpg") for that. So everyone would know how to handle this.

    The reverse function - cube to sphere - is less important but could be solved in the same way.


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