Hire someone to integrate a video (aka LivePano)

  • Hello,

    I have a tour that I had hoped to build with PTP, but we all know that isn't happening now.

    I have almost completed the tour using krpano, but have one issue remaining. I want to integrate an entry video (aka LivePano). I had that add-on and PTP, but without them I am stumped on how to integrate the video and it looks bad just dropped in as a video billboard.

    If there is anyone out there who can integrate this video please let me know and we can work out a fair price to have you do that for me. The panorama and video were taken with a D800 and 14-24mm lens at 14mm. I shot the panorama and then the video without any changes in camera settings. I also have the audio track from a mic the person wore that can be added to the video to make a polished piece.

    Thanks for any help folks can provide! I like how the tour is turning out and think the video entry would really make it pop.

    Here draft tour is at: http://www.VisualConstruction.com/MA

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