OSM plugin trial and errors

  • Hi,
    I am trying to build an OSM plugin: no experience in jS, xml etc....
    Here what I achieved copying and pasting here and there..:
    Two (main) problems:
    1) the map is not centered as expected and does not zoom properly: when zooming it seems the center is moving....
    2) the text in popup does not desplay, thouth when downloading leaflet,js and leaflet.css directly on the folder it works. Actually I am not interested in popups but...just to understand why....

    Here is from pano.xml:

    <!-- maps plugin - use Google for HTML5 and Bing for Flash -->
    <plugin name="map" devices="html5"
    align="lefttop" x="10" y="10" width="270" height="370"


    And here is osmkrplugin.js:

    Thank you for any suggestions and hints.



  • Thank you very much.
    In the meanwhile any suggestions from anyone about what is wrong in my code would be very helpful.
    I would like to use OSM and, in any case, I would like to know the way it works for further customisation and/or to use other free map resources.

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