Droplet tries to close tab/terminate terminal process in order to work

  • It bothers me for a few years. Enough.

    I run terminal apps all the time. Every time I start droplet it open two options: "do I want to terminate running processes in this tab?"("closing this tab will terminate the running process ruby." and 'terminate'. If I answer 'cancel' it just lists files I drop to the droplet in current terminal tab usually it switches to ruby tab.
    I run ruby server and it always jumps to this tab and asks to terminate it.
    Sometimes I drop files to the droplet a few times and it doesn't jump to ruby tab and proceeds with the droplet.
    Today it closed full terminal window with a lot of tabs, when I pressed terminate and didn't proceed with the droplet. Extremely annoying. It is important to use history in different tabs.

    I tried to look it up, but couldn't get anything in droplet thread.

    High Sierra/krpano 1.20.2
    Thank you

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