How to generate tiles using maketiles tool

  • Hello

    how can I generate tiles for stereo image using maketiles tool and how to use it as sphere for multiresolution?

    1. Im using this commend: krpanotools.exe maketiles image.jpg tiles/tile_%v_%h.jpg 512 where input is STEREO image!
    2. Documentation say:

    <image stereo="true" stereolabels="1|2">
        <sphere url="pano_%t_%l_%v_%h.jpg"

    2a. So how to obtain %t and %l using maketiles commend ( point 1)??
    3. Is it even possible to do that? Every examples have cube instead sphere for display multires ;( but documentations say:

    • A spherical / equirectangular panoramic image.
    • Partial panos are possible by using custom hfov, vfov and voffset settings.
    • Supports: Single-Resolution, Multi-Resolution, Stereo-Images, Video-Input, Depthmaps.

    Pleas help me im confused!

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