KRPano Partnership in China

  • Dear Krpano team,

    I am the global partnership manager from C&J Marketing Software Co.,Ltd. We are the largest software publisher in China. Currently, we are the exclusive partners of MAGIX, CleanMyMac, FL Studio NetSarang, CorelDraw etc. in China. We have paying great attention to the KRPano since long time ago. Based on information from our data team, we have found a great amount of piracy resources for KRPano products. For example, when we search for "KRPano Crack" in Baidu search engine(most used search engine in China), there are over 86,000 + resources for users to download for free anytime.

    Meanwhile, the macro market environment for software in China is a lot different from other countries. In China, people share cracked installers/piracy software on internet without purchasing legal software. And many users will choose to download cracked version as long as there are cracked resources online. Same for KRPano, users will choose to download free cracked version for commercial or personal use. This have create a huge growth loss for many software vendors and KRPano that want to profit from this great potential market. This is also a bad branding image for users, when they get used to the idea that KRPano is "Free".

    In additional, we have found there are many websites sales trainning courses for KRPano, and have made great profit out of this. This means that KRPano have a good amount of user base in Chinese Market. One of the tutorial website is as following: On the other hand, many other panoramic technology companies also use KRPano for commercial usage, and made some simple code modification and call it their "self-developed Panoramic production software". For example, when we right click on their samples on website, it shows"About the KRPano panoramic viewer.(see attachment). Here are their demo websites:

    In conclusion, KRPano have a good amount of user base in China, and most of them tend to violate the user agreement. They either modify the product, crack the product, or use free version for commercial. We as C&J have been in the field of software publishing for over 10 years, and we provide free total solutions for our partners that includes: Marketing, Branding, Localization, 7/24 Chinese Customer Services, Piracy elimination, intellectual protection,License Compliance etc. Our unique business model have helped many foreign partners achieved a great revenue gain inside this market. Same for KRPano, we know the potential customers, and we can help convert these users, and promote them to purchase legal software through this partnership, and achieve a win-win for both of us.

    Last but not least, we want to kindly ask for a chance to connect with a key person and have a discuss about this partnership in detail. My email is *smile*

  • First of all, I thank you for your "kind"response, and your reply indeed make me laugh.

    Somehow it donesn't make sense to me when you call a company partnership proposal message as "scam" when you don't even know them at all.

    You think that pircay problem can't be resolved in China because you might also be the one that benifits from using "free" software. Our company did have partnership with Adobe before too and we mainly targeting on enterprise users. You ask me if I think Adobe and Microsoft are Fool. I don't think so. They cares about piracy but mainly the enterprise users not personal users. Personal piracy uers already become a part of their system, and it is a important potential part of their mark share. Otherwise, they can easily create a regional price to fit the purchasing habits of local personal users, instead of sell the full set at a price that personal users can't afford to pay.
    I am tring to be kind and respect, hope you learn to respect others too. *smile*

  • All you say is that you don't know anything about Krpano.
    1. Krpano doesn't differentiate between enterprise users and individual users. As long as you purchase the 'Krpano License', any developer can use Krpano to provide services to many companies.That's allowed, so your approach won't work.
    2. Krpano itself is a tool for developers to develop their own products based on their own ideas, so your accusations against other companies have no merit.
    3. Those tutorial websites are the spontaneous actions of some developers. It is quite normal that there are countless developers writing tutorials for any technology.
    4. If you try to be a 'hunting dog' to find those 'fat pigs' to obtain high compensation, you are wrong to choose.It's not your company's fault. It's your unprofessionalism.

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