Is there an archive for older KrPano Versions

  • We often need to stick to a certain version for a specific version. Sometimes it is hard to come by the original krpano version used back then when the panorama was originally created.
    Is there a software archive/download site where I can download specific older versions?
    I've tried to adapt the download url but it looks like I'm getting either only the newest version or nothing at all ...

  • For our use case we actually don't care about iPads or mobile devices etc. as we have control over the version of the used browser.
    But given the fact that things in the XML structure changed quite often between minor versions it is often not easy to patch it to the newest version. I do think it really depends on the use case.

    We have other products using different technologies and they usually use the latest version of KrPano automatically in the build pipeline with minor adaptions but this also did not prove to be too wise as also the latest version often isn't without errors.

    So in general an archive would be a good idea and wouldn't hurt I think and as it is called archive I wouldn't emphasize the "will work with every new device" factor too much.

    If I would have known that you can only access the newest version I would have created the archive myself and google certainly helps a lot but this is not the point ;)

  • Hi,

    But given the fact that things in the XML structure changed quite often between minor versions

    Which xml structures were changed? *confused*
    krpano should be very backward compatible.

    There is no old version archive because of license reasons - there are unfortunately many illegal krpano license usages (and even more illegal Panotour Pro usages), e.g. because of licenses bought with stolen creditcards, chargebacks, cancellations, hacked Panotour versions and so on. And each new krpano version always also contains things to avoid/block the usage of such licenses.

    Without these illegal usages I would be happy to offer all krpano versions from 1.0 and up of course.
    The alternative would be a online-activation system, where I'm not a fan of.

    Best regards,

  • Thank you Klaus for the clarification. About the XML-structure - I mean not the actual structure but the content. I.e. supported VR glasses and so on.

    Looks like we have to build up our own, private, repository then.

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