PolyspotPrinter (Blender Addon)

  • Create 3D polygonal hotspots with Blender

    • The PolyspotPrinter translates all position information for each point and outputs it as krpano hotspot-code in the console
    • You can enter a name and a style
    • You can print multiple hotspots at once
    • You can split 3 dimensional objects into several flat objects

    You can get the addon on Gumroad and pay what you want!

    More infos/example here:

    Short video on YouTube

    ..and some more examples (from Tuur) here in the forum.

    Happy blending! *smile*

  • Congratulations for this plugin. *thumbsup*
    I will use it for future projects!
    I encountered some problems with...
    It does not like holes in the a surface like a window.

    Thank you! Glad you like it! *smile*

    It depends on the shape of the polygons if the hotspot is displayed correctly.
    Try to subdivide the large area to fix the problem.

    Best regards!

  • Nothing change.

    I have tryed a couple of time multiple topologies, disconnect some polygones, With or without ngones, but the issue still present.
    The issue come from vertex indexing. It doesn't matter how the topology is made.

    The script take vertex not in a good order.
    And in the xml, all vextrex index are thrown raw.
    krpano takes the first three indexes and builds a triangle, and take the next three, etc....

    The only solution i found is to manage myself the order of index, but is realy difficult and boring.
    But technically it is impossible to build a mesh with a hole with these methods, no matter the order of the indexing.

    Can you migrate your blender plugin for Maxon Cinema 4D ?

  • Yes the order of the points is important.
    If you use my addon, all points are output in the correct order!

    Since you show a screenshot of C4D, I assume that the error is NOT caused by my Blender-addon, right?

    Please clarify this!

  • Some time, with a shape like this: U , the order isnt in a good order.
    I tried many times and the order from the plugin no correctponding with the vertex mesh sturcture order. I dont know why...
    But if you want we can work together. I would be happy to help you ! (I specialize in 3D)

    if you take 5min you will understand that with this method of building mesh in krpano, it is impossible to build a mesh with a hole.
    Take 1 min, and draw the points of each vertex, then connect them 3 by 3. You will see that it is a real headache and that it is impossible without creating unwanted polygons or go back.

    On Blender or Cinema4D the model is displayed correctly because it knows which vertices are connected to each other, but in krpano the mesh is created on the fly with only vertex positions then it connects them to each other, what causes problems.

    1. Use Blender! - I use blender
    2. Use the PolyspotPrinter Addon! - i use PolysportPrinter addon
    3. Create the shape as shown on the image - its created
    4. Use the 'Meshsplitter' (it is part of the addon) - tried too but create a lot of spot
    5. Press 'Prints Points3D' - yes i know.

    i know the process, really ! with a convex mesh without hole its ok.
    But with a complex mesh, we have issues.

    can i send you my mesh? Or create a simple plane with hole.

  • The meshsplitter is needed for complex shapes. Without it won't work..

    This is how it looks in Blender after I used the mesh splitter:

    And here the result in KRP:

  • "The meshsplitter is needed for complex shapes."

    Yes, but it will create as many polyspots as quad, and this causes problem when hovering to call action or when I want the whole polyspot to be highlighted for example.

  • You are right about that.
    ..But I think it is not possible to create a single polygon hotspot with a hole. Neither in krpano nor in any 3D software.

    However, this could be a workaround for hover effects for example:


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