Make Pano - generate diffrent sizes

  • Hi there!

    It seems like such an easy task but I can't figure it out:

    Using the multiresolution droplet for a flat image I want to not only have the tiles and the preview image generated but also a 500 pixel (longer side) large image of the panorma.

    Is there any way to have such an image created?


    - makethumb=true would be great - but it only creates square thumbs. my panorama is not square.
    - preview=true would work - but I would need it twice in the same droplet - one for the real preview image, one to greate the 500 px thumbnail with it - that does not seem to be supported

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  • Hello,

    I understand the requirement of having a 500px (on the longer side) thumbnail along with the multi-resolution tiles. Unfortunately, the native krpano droplet options might not provide this feature directly. However, a workaround could be to use an external image processing tool or a scripting language like Python with an imaging library like Pillow to resize your panorama to the desired dimensions post tile generation. This way, you can automate the process and have a 500px thumbnail created alongside the tiles and preview image generated by krpano.

    Best regards!

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