Virtual tour and video player

  • Hi,

    I m' trying to setup a virtual tour with videos. Each video is added to a scene with a code like this :

    <scene name="scene_panorama_ID" title="panorama_ID">`
           <include url="/fr/assets/videointerface.conf" />\
            <plugin name="video"  url.html5="js/krpano/plugins/videoplayer.js" url.flash="js/krpano/plugins/videoplayer.swf" pausedonstart="false" loop="true" volume="0.0" onloaded="add_video_sources_ID();" />
             <action name="add_video_sources_ID" >videointerface_addsource("default_ID", "video url", "");videointerface_play("default_ID",true)</action>
             <image><sphere url="plugin:video"/>         </image>

    I use the load_scene(.....) function to switch between videos and have transition effect.

    My point is that videos may have a huge size and when I move to another video, the download of the current video might not be complete. I noticed in this case that the first video download is still active until it completes (and that the file gets in the user's cache). This is a problem on low bandwith connections. So, can anyone advise how to stop downloading video when switching to another one ?


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