Good value for maxpixelzoom?

  • Hello,
    what would be a good value for maxpixelzoom on modern monitors?

    Pixels on modern monitors are usually smaller than the human eye can resolve, hence with a maxpixelzoom of 1 small details would be lost on such monitors.
    My considerations so far: The limit at which the human eye perceives an edge as sharp is about 2 arcminutes. I assume this as the limit to perceive pixels. To perceive blur, at least two pixels would be needed.
    A monitor is seldom viewed from nearer than its height, which is equivalent to a vFoV of 53°. Hence, a maximum of 1590 pixels (vertically) could be resolved and if you accept minimum blur only 795 pixels are needed. A 4k Monitor can have up to 2160 pixels vertically, so maxpixelzoom should be 1.36 for a display at the sharpness limit or 2.72 to show a tiny bit of blur at the nearest usual viewing distance. Further away, it would still look sharp.

    Does that sound correct?
    Erik Krause

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  • Hi,

    the maxpixelzoom relates to the device-pixels (the physical resolution).

    The CSS pixels could be anything depending on the page-zoom and wouldn't be a useful reference...

    About a good value - I think that's individual and depends on the pano. When the image is crisp-clear and has many details, then even a maxpixelzoom=2 (or more) could be good to allow exploring these details. On the other side when the source image is already at 100% not very detailed anymore, than maxpixelzoom=1 could be already enough.

    Best regards,

  • the maxpixelzoom relates to the device-pixels (the physical resolution).

    Only to be clear: F.e. a Sony Xperia 1 has a device resolution of 643 ppi but a CSS resolution of 161 ppi. Would maxpixelzoom=1 limit the zoom in such that the panorama displays with 643 ppi or 161 ppi?

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