script Convert Hcube Images xy to Sphere Images xy

  • You need to convert XY coordinates on the XY coordinates on HCUBE pictures to XY coordinates on Sphere pictures

    The forum found the algorithm of Sphere to Krpano ATH/ATV as follows:

    import math
    x = 1848
    y = 1629
    face_width = 8192
    face_height = 4096
    vfov = 360 * face_height/face_width
    ath = ((x / face_width)-0.5) * 360
    atv = ((y / face_height) - 0.5) * vfov
    print(f"Sphere to 360. x:{x},y:{y} vfov:{vfov}, ath:{ath},atv:{atv}")

    How can I convert the XY coordinates of HCUBE or Cube into the coordinates of the SPHERE diagram

    The XY coordinates obtained in HCUBE want this coordinates to be displayed in Krpano

    It is best to have an algorithm for HCUBE XY to Krpano ATH/ATV


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