Change color of some "POI to scene" icons

  • Hi krpano-Community.

    We are using krpano and the virtual tour editor. I would like to change the color (and the POI icon-Image) of the POI. We would like to highlight some POI's in the scene like this. in virtual tour editor I can change the size and rotate the icon but can't change the color.

    If possible, we would also change the color of the icon in the floorplan. So you can see this highlighted scenes also in the floorplan.

    In the tourdata.xml I can set the poi_color in the structure. But this is always for the whole solution and not for a specific pano or marker on the floorplan.

    Does anyone can help me? Is there an existing extension?

    The result should be something like this where I changed some red poi to green

    Thank you in advanced and kind regards


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