Editor for web (uhta3d_editor)

  • I had a question today as I was doing a lot of VR work. This is an issue that occurs when I press the "C" key in uhta3d_editor to save it, and it overwrites the existing file.
    I wrote the scene as below.

    I try to save as much time as possible when I work on a tour with a large number of VR files using various plug-ins. So I put some different properties in the scene. Like this.
    group="01" title2="name"

    Title2 is not often used, so there is no big inconvenience even if you enter it manually.
    However, the group option used to divide groups in hundreds of scenes disappears when the file is overwritten.

    When overwriting a file, can't I keep the property values created by the user? Various variables occur while working, but if the property disappears while overwriting the file, it takes a lot of time to rework hundreds of scenes.

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