3 Gigapixel spherical panorama

  • Hi

    This is example of the panorama 3 Gigapixels.


    Our first 3GP panorama. We learnt very a lot of. This is the only example. We would make her now a lot of better. Next panorama will be the better quality. *wink*

    The main problem: Huge difficulty in calculating the depth of field.
    We used the table from: http://www.dofmaster.com/doftable.html, but it was hard. One makes the panorama easily, when the whole plan is 40 metres above. When we make the panorama in street, we have the range 1,5 m to infinity. You should for the compromise among the depth of field and the diffraction of the lens. *sad*

    We use:
    Canon EOS 5D Mark II
    iso 200 RAW
    24-105/4 L IS - on 50mm (near). It is very hard to put the distance on this lens manually.
    aperture - 16 and 13
    NodalNinja 5 RD16 - 5 rows and zenit, nadir.
    8GB RAM
    quad 2,83 GH
    PTGui pro
    64 bit windows
    11GB psb file

    Time: about 10 hours without Smartblend *cry* (on 64bit system on this large files Smartblend is *thumbdown* ).

    Next panorama will be a lot of better. *cool*

    best regards *thumbsup*

  • wow!
    it looks fantastic!
    i've stitched 1.5Gp pano and it took about 30 hours to stich. i've used smartblend on w7x64 with q9600 and 4Gb ram.

    i have only two questions: how did you shoot nadir and how did you deal with tripod shadow?

    P.s. oh, and onother one - did you used manual panorama head or automatic?

  • Hello wiskey

    We used Nodal Ninja 5RD16. 5 rows (every 30 dergees - -60, -30, 0, 30, 60, zenit, nadir - manually).
    In the horizon every 20 degrees.

    There were very a lot of mistakes (without smartbend), that is why retouchs was necessary. We cut up Equirectangular on cubics. Nadir (tripod shadow was retouched in PS).
    We do not use automatic heads, because no control is over them. As he will begin to do pictures, then you do not have any control over the scene (people, etc.)completely. You will take the photoes by hand, when you have the good field of the view. The automatic head does not have such possibility *unsure* .

    The quality of this panorama is worse, than original files JPG. This, because we had a lot of to retouch in PS. Files TIFF were retouched, but compressed. And there was the mistake. *sad*
    Smartblend started, but the time of expectation on the end of the processing received above 91244343221 hours *blink*
    We will do this in the future better.

    P.S. Do you use preview and proggressive parameters?

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