xml + MAKE PANO (SINGLE-SWF) droplet?

  • Hi, I have tried dragging my equirectangular image to the MAKE PANO (SINGLE-SWF) droplet and understood it will generate a html and swf file. but I'm interested to know if xml still works for the swf? I used to use MAKE MULTIFRAME (MULTIRES) droplet which generate as well the xml which I could further edit.


  • Hi,

    the single-swf droplets also creates a xml but it embeds it into the swf,
    a external xml can't be used anymore in this case, but you could edit the template xml
    before using the droplet,

    and note - you can do the same that the single-swf droplet is doing manually with the kprotect tool,

    e.g. the NORMAL droplet it doing near the same as the SINGLESWF droplet but without embedding,
    use that, then you can edit the xml and then build a single swf file with the kprotect tool,

    best regards,

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