Option to not copying iphone js files ?

  • Hello,

    I make my own .config file in order to generate a multires panorama.

    I do not need "extra files" because they are already available in an other directory so i set these parameters to false :

    • copylicense=false
    • copyswf=false
    • renamedswf=false
    • renamedlicense=false
    • buildembeddedswf=false

    When I generate the multires I have all my tiles in the good directory, no "extra files" but in the %INPUTPATH% I also have these two iphone file :

    • krpanoiphone.js
    • krpanoiphone.license.js

    So the question is : Is-there a way to avoid the copy of these 2 files ? (copyiphone=false ? or something like that )

    Thanks for your help.


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