textfield js-plugin not working in 360°

  • Hi there,

    like I posted in another >>THREAD <<, the textfield-plugin for idevices has a weird problem/bug. Here´s the original post:
    "The text only shows up on all hotspots which are in the area of the pano that is visible when the pano starts. To be more exact: All hotspots that are outside the area you can see when the pano is loaded have no text. So if you look at ath 0 when the pano starts, only the hotspots from ath -45 to +45 are showing the texfield-text. All Hotspots outside this fov won´t show the text. If I change the startig fov, all hotspots in that area are working, others not."

    Sachagriffin posted this in reply (thanks pal!): On the js versions modifications to the textfield plugin dont work if its not visible.

    So, the question is: How do I get the textfield to create the text on all hotspost in a scene and not only on the hotspots visible in the startup-fov??? I know I could create them first in the visible area and move them to the right places after the pano is loaded, but that looks just horrible, because all hotspots starts at the same place and then jumps to their positions. And using alpha and/or visible-settings to correct that did´nt work either *sad*

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks and best regards

  • Run an event to check the what hotspots are visible and build the textfields then?
    Another method would be to run an action where you copy the ath atv to a back up, set to 0 0, set alpha 0 visible true, build your textfield and then reset your values.. back to what they were..
    THAT should work fine and be invisible to the user.

  • Thanks a lot for your reply, sachagriffin! Unfortunately none of your suggestions are working, or at least not perfect. The event takes far too much processing-power and the alpha value can't be set when the textfield is'nt in the visible area. Like you said: No changes to textfields if not visible. The only working but still bad solution is to set the textfields to 0,0 and reset their positions with the onloaded-tag. Bad because you see all textfields mixed together for a few seconds before they jump to their correct positions.

    Klaus, any suggestions how to solve this?

    Thanks an best regards

  • hehe...that's true, of course *wink* But it's not possible to set the alpha-value back to "1.0" if the textfield is outside the visible area. I've tried it with alpha="0.5" to be able to see the changes, but the alpha-value just stays at 0.5 after reset the position of their parents, no matter what I try. It's either jumpy and messed up textfields or none *sad*

    Best regards

  • Hi,

    the problem here is the automatic detection of the textfield size when using "autosize" with a different value than "none" - the browser is not able to return the size of the text html element when it will be hidden,

    for plugin elements I have already added an internal workaround - there the text will be shown 'offscreen' (e.g. at position x=10000) - and krpano is checking in 10ms intervals if the browser was able to determinate the size of the html element,

    for hotspot elements this kind of fix is currently not possible - because a hotspot can be also 'behind' the screen - and showing to there can cause rendering problems and slow downs... - but I will try to find also a solution for hotspots...

    a workaround for the moment would be to set - autosize="none" - and the width/height for the textfield manually,

    best regards,

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