maxpixelzoom reached

  • Hallo all!

    Does anyone know a method to determine if the user has reached the max zoom in a pano (set via maxpixelzoom or fovmin)?
    I want to report (googleanalytics) this event because i want to know if visitors use the zoom functions extensively (interested in details) or only for short ("nice gimmic...").

    It is - in multires panos - no problem to get the actual multires-level, but this is to weak for my investigation...

  • Hi,

    the usage of maxpixelzoom causes that the fovmin will be dynamically and constantly recalculated, so it would be possible just to compare fov with fovmin to check if the maxpixelzoom or fovmin is reached,
    and avoid constantly calling an event when panning at maxpixelzoom/fovmin use a flag variable that will be only set when reaching the fovmin,

    e.g. (instead of the trace call there, call an custom action or so...)

    <events onviewchanged="if(view.fov LE view.fovmin, if(maxzoom==false, set(maxzoom,true); trace('maxpixelzoom or fovmin reached'); ) , set(maxzoom,false));" />

    best regards,

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