Videoplayer 'Click to play' issue when pausedonstart="true"

  • Hi Klaus,

    I am trying to understand how the videoplayer pluguin work...
    I use the example that comes on the package. (Downloaded today)
    During one of my try, I have noticed the following issue:

    when I change the pausedonstart="false" to "true" and I reload the page, the click to play function on the video player do not work...
    This appends not every time, sometime it work, sometime it do not (much more time)...
    I have tried to reload the page from the editor 'load this xml' function and directly in the Firefox URL input.
    When I change back the pausedonstart="true" to false , the video plays as expected.

    *question* *question* *question*

    All this comes from an other thread how to start video once the VR is fully loaded ? where I have an issue with the Videoplayer Plugin or with the onloadcomplete="" attribute of the <events> node.

    Do not understand what I am doing wrong.

    Regards , Michel.

  • Hi,

    Only to say that I have tried the explained above on 3 different pc and I have the same problem.... but it appends real aleatory !!! (at some moments I was thinking I am going to "CRASYLAND") *wacko* *huh* *blink* *confused* *angry* *smile* *g* *g* *g*

    Edited 4:21pm: It seems that the Video is played but not displayed... I noticed more CPU when 'Click to play' is donned and less when 'Click to pause' is donned !!!


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