• Hi,
    I'm running krpano multires on centos.
    My command works well on dev on a mac, I've just change the tools to the linux version (test with 62 and 32 bits)
    When I try to access the tool, it send me "segmentation error".
    I tried to update with the last version, but it still doen't work.
    here is a part of my command : /home/.../krpanotools/kmakemultires -config=/home/.../krpanotools/templates/vtour-multires.config /home/.../large/*.jpg

    The file path are good.
    I just can't understand why.

    Thank you in advance for your help

  • Thank you for your answer.

    No, on my linux, it does not run even without options.

    Ok Wine is an interesting option.
    But if I could avoid install it on my prod server it would be better.
    But I keep it as a good joker.

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