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    Drag and drops all good, testing server works local.

    I publish the vtour folder and nav to the tour.html but browser says cant be found.
    I used DW a few years back and now i totally forget where the code goes inside your blank Dreamweaver page. It was pretty easy as i recall but things have changed a lot with Dreamweaver since I used it in 2019.

    I have domaine w/ SSL to run CG VR tours which I also output from UE for Oculus and the Vive headsets.

    The tours are done in 3D Max w/ Vray and UE.

    Im sure im missing steps somewhere. Even w/o DW I forget where the code goes using File Manager on my host account.

    thanks for your help!

    Hello folks,

    Finally getting back to the new version after a few years.

    I'm using Dreamweaver but cant seem to locate some of the help docs to get started with it.

    Thanks in advance


    look at the I have 1.19, do I need to purchase a new licence to upgrade to 1.20?

    only if you want these new features:

    Depthmap Support
    Spherical / Cylindrical / Partial-Pano Multi-Resolution Support
    Postprocessing Plugins
    Panotour Pro Update


    look at the docs and read the XML file from the examples

    only if you want these new features:

    [quote='chrissileo','index.php?page=Thread&postID=79880#post79880']Thanks. Tom thanks for the post.

    But good lord Im lost. I must be missing it but where do the codes code? Or are each even its own xml file? Im reading the docs and see there's sintax and code but I just dont get where to pt the commands. And I can only add hot spots and change the icon but cant figure how to draw shape hot spots and add pop ups.

    Is there anyone out there in KR Pano land that does this for work? Ill get my client to pay!



    Understood and thank you. I found that answer over the weekend, Im reading that in a nutshell "Apple has yet to fully embrace VR" pardon my frustration I know KR Pano is in the top five out today. Even if I use another application for certain VR tasks, of course Ill keep working and learning KR Pano, its perfect for some of the things I want to do. Thanks again for your help.

    Will this code work even though the motion and orientation option is missing from Safari with the iOS 13 update?

    And when I open the gyro2 in 1.20 - its a lot of code..where does the above code go??

    I see code examples but no where are tutorials on WHERE to put the code. I know this is a great software, but for experienced code gurus newbies must own way but I'm under deadline, totally lost and ready to find another application. Wont spend the money on a 3rd upgrade if its so difficult to use.

    Getting ready to pull my hair out - I know how great this software is but Im ready to use another for use with VR headsets if I cant get these issues solved.


    The motion and orientation is now missing from the iOS update 13 for Safari, and Firefox and Chrome browsers wont go full screen, you cant get rid of address bar. Im on iPhone 10 plus (not 8) . Its also the same for iPhone 11.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Is there a bug in the Chrome browser that wont let you go full screen like Safari does?

    And on Safari, I just updated my iPhone 8 to iOS 13 and the "motion and orientation" access gone from the privacy and security settings so the gyroscope is no longer working. Ive looked in every setting and cant find it if they moved it. Very frustrating.

    Anyone else have this problem?


    Im a newbie,coding is not my forte. Im sure the answer is in front of me but cant find it.

    My VR tours are completely CG, and I need to add text info boxes that pop up when you select an object. Just a simple box with a few lines of text and an external link in some cases.

    I dont know which plug in to use. I recall a Lear jet page with an example but cant find that.

    Thanks for the help.