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The first version of the krpano viewer was a JAVA one!

It was fast and had very qood image quality ...

some of the rendering quality features:
 • subpixel/subtexel accuracy
 • texture filtering
 • postprocess sharping

... but unfortunately there were some problems with Java ...

 • it starts slow
 • it had a limit of around 64 MB working memory for images
 • often there were problems after Java-updates
 • and the lower distribution ...

... so I stopped developing it!

Anyway, here are some examples with the Java viewer ...

- drag-and-move to view around
- press A, Y, Z, +, - to zoom in and out

Kirche Panorama (JAVA)
Stüberl Panorama (JAVA)
Keller Panorama (JAVA)
Weingarten Panorama (JAVA)
Garten Panorama (JAVA)