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Branding Free License

krpano Branding Free License
  • The Branding Free License removes the About the krpano Panorama Viewer... entry and link from the right-click context-menu.
  • The krpano log will be kept closed on errors by default and the user will be not able to open it manually.
  • The design / look of the context-menu will be fully customizable and if wanted it will be also possible to remove the context-menu at all.
299 € plus sales tax/VAT*

  • This license is only an addition / extension license to the krpano license!
    That means the normal / basic krpano license will be required as well!
  • This license is valid for the current and all following versions of the krpano viewer.
  • This license can be also used in Kolor's 'Panotour Pro' software to remove the 'about krpano' and 'about Kolor' context-menu items there.
* VAT: Depending on your location or company status VAT may be added to the price. In the Share‑It order form select your country and enter your VAT/UID number to remove the VAT. The correct price will be shown on the next page in the order form.
Comparison - the context menu without (left) and with (right) Branding Free License:

Note - all other context menu items except the 'krpano' item are anytime fully customizable!