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Buy Licenses - Branding Free License

krpano Branding Free License
  • The Branding Free License removes the About the krpano Panorama Viewer... entry and link from the right-click context-menu.
  • The design / look of the context-menu will be fully customizable and it will be also possible to remove/disable the context-menu at all.
299 € plus sales tax/VAT*
  • The Branding Free License is an additional license to the normal krpano License!
  • That means the normal krpano License will be required as well to be able to use it.
  • When using the Branding Free License the krpano log will be kept closed on errors by default and the user will be not able to open it manually.
  • This license is valid for the current and all following versions of the krpano viewer.
Comparison - the context menu without (left) and with (right) Branding Free License:

Note - all other context-menu items except the 'krpano' item are anytime fully customizable, regardless if the Branding Free License will be used or not! More information here.

The krpano branding free license is valid for all krpano versions and for all supported platforms.
The license can be used the same time on all your computer systems, regardless if Windows, Mac or Linux.

* VAT: Depending on your country or company status VAT may be added to the price. In the Share‑It order form select your country and enter your VAT/UID number to remove the VAT. The correct price might be shown only on the following page in the order form.

The ordering process and the license-key generation and delivering is fully automated by Share‑It / MyCommerce. After the ordering, the license keys will be generated and sent to you via mail, depending on the payment method either within a few minutes or at least within 48 hours.

For further questions about the ordering and payment process, please have at look here:
Share-It Customer Care Center.