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  • Ours arrived today. This looks like it is going to be the perfect KRPano/WebVR platform. Great price point and no hardware variation should make development a little easier. Looks like the same OS/software as the Gear and webvr.isgearvr is true on the Go as well. The FOV and other things are a bit different than the Gear however so things are going to need a little tweaking. Pretty impressed though! A side-by-side comparison of the Gear vs the GO is pretty striking actually and that is using the old Gear VR settings of:


    I haven't done any experimenting yet with trying to tweek any of these but I assume we'll be able to dial it in even better. Are the correct figures for the Go published anywhere? Also curious what options are available to us(if any) to integrate the controller and controller clicks into scene navigation. It's going to make menu interaction way more intuitive!

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  • Just got an Oculus Go headset and wanted to make a VR tour with my v-ray renders - KRpano seems like the best way to go about it. Having downloaded the unlicensed version, I'm experimenting a bit with what's possible. Having previously used wired VR-devices and a custom VR panorama solution made in Unity, it's refreshing to work on such a focused platform. Still, does anyone know if there's any way to wrap a krpano presentation into an offline package, storing it in the headset? SSD retrieval of images combined with the multires fallback seems like a fantastic way of creating truly responsive, portable tours, but right now the perfect consumer grade wireless 360 headset is thetered to the speed of local internet.

  • Hi,

    and that is using the old Gear VR settings of:

    Hmm... when you would need to change any setting there, it would mean the browser there doesn't supports the WebVR API...

    Note - when there is a 'VR setup' button, then the browser doesn't provide the a WebVR API and krpano is only faking/poly-filling it (by manual tracking and manual lens-distortion).

    Real WebVR API support would (should) be better - because then the browser could better utilize the hardware (better tracking, faster screen refreshes, headset-specific lens-distortion). But also note - in this case the browser itself is responsible for the correct VR rendering (regarding fov, lens-distortion and so on).

    What browser is used there?
    The 'Oculus Browser'?
    In the GearVR that browser has WebVR support, so I normally would suspect it there too.

    (Btw - I have also ordered a Oculus Go, but not received yet, so I can't say much myself about it yet).

    Best regards,

  • Hi Klaus,
    It uses the same browser as the Gear, the Oculus one, not the Samsung one. I just assumed that those 6 settings (overlap, fov, dist, dist2, ca, vig) needed to be set for every device and that KRPano was detecting the Gear/Ocusuls browser via "isgearvr" and setting those automatically. Since the physical/lens specs of the GO are different but KRPano thinks it is the Gear, I assumed those settings would need to be manually tweaked. If that is not the way it works, cool but I will say that while the overall image quality is much better on the GO, the depth of some things (rendered scenes) just feel a little "off" in GO compared to the Gear. It's hard to describe but it may just be the added clarity is just revealing more.

    Anyway, its a pretty cool device and basically renders the Gear obsolete as far as I'm concerned.

  • Today I reveived my Oculus Go too.
    Maybe a dumb question but I have no clue how to use it with our Krpano tours.
    When I use the standard browser, the Vtour is only shown in a tiny window.
    Is there a possibility to make/view our tours in a full 360 surrounding? Or do we have to use the 'isgearvr' option for this?

  • We've using a highly modified version of the various XML files so I can't say with 100% accuracy that the original vtourskin.xml file will behave exactly the same but our transition to the GO was literally identical in every way to the GEAR, exact same interface, browser, etc., with the exception we had the old GEAR without the controller and the GO controller is a HUGE improvement over fumbling with a touchpad on the side of your head. I hope we eventually have a way of integrating the controller into KRPANO tours without having to create a standalone app. I did a little investigating and some of the buttons are triggering an onkeydown event but I haven't had a chance to dig in much beyond that.

  • I have received my Oculus Go yesterday.
    All the Krpano tour works perfectly using the Oculus Browser inside.
    Only seems a little bit different the angle of view and the perception of the distance to the objects in relation to VR Gear.

    I ask again how are possible to download a krpano tour and execute from the device.
    Also, perhaps, best option will be to realize a "krpano App" where to load our krpano ready Vr tour and visible from the Oculus store.
    Would be possible in some way? Without to use Unity solution that require to rebuil all our tours?

    Thaks a lot!


  • Only seems a little bit different the angle of view and the perception of the distance to the objects in relation to VR Gear.

    That is exactly our perception as well. Very difficult to articulate exactly what the difference is, only that Something just feels a little "off" from the GEAR.

  • Hi Everyone

    Received my Go today :)

    -"Enter VR" in the middle of the screen stands for "Undifined Enter VR", anyway it' not very handy as we already have the vr icon in the toolbar. is there a way to disable this button?

    -In non VR mode the pointer of Oculus is very handy to navigate, but is disappear as soon as we enter VR mode, is there an option to keep it in VR mode?

    -Distorted hotspots are not displayed in VR mode :(

    -A tour with distorted hotspots is very jerky, although they are not show, but VR is OK with no distorted hotspots

    Best regards

  • Looked a little more today at controller integration. Just being able to use the controller clicks to trigger menus and stuff would be a huge step forward even without the pointer in my opinion. It appears the "back" button on the controller is triggering a keycode 27 which is the escape key but the trigger button, thumb touchpad, etc. does not seem to be triggering any mouse or keycode events that KRPano can intercept and use as an input. At least in the current iteration/version.

  • Wow... there is already quite a discussion!

    I've recieved my Go yesterday and have taken a look at tours.

    Well... There seems a lot to be done. And I don't know by whom.

    We can run krpano tours only inside default browser. No options here.

    1. The tours look like they are rendered at much lower resolution in WebVR mode. Like 720p instead 1440p.
    2. There is no controller support. It seems to me it should work like a mouse and not a touch device (in web mode). In VR it's not recognized.

    And performance is not at it's best...

    What can be done with all that?

    P.S. Distorted hotspots work in 19.16.

    Also what device variable is for it?
    Go seems to be the very perfect device for krpano...

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