• hello !

    (sorry for my english *smile* but i try

    i'm working for art galery so i want put few hotspots in my spherical panorama (area hotspot) to describe many paintings with image & text
    i want to open the "informations windows" directly in my panorama

    something like that : https://krpano.com/examples/textfield/
    but in this example, it's not a hotspot !

    I think I have to generate 1 "external.html" file for 1 painting content descriptive image & text info
    but how include this into panorama on hotspot ?

    i think you have open thread about this but i didn't find it !

    merci beaucoup ! *smile*

  • Hi brice,

    Simply, make an hospot and add the action() to open your "informations windows" in the onclick...
    Example code:

    You can add this code into the textfield example that comes with the krpano 1.0.7 downloaded file to see the result... The hotspot will open the same textfield as the text OPEN HTML TEXTFIELD do.

  • hi Michel

    first, thank's to understaind my english/french mix language !

    if i follow your advice i have :

    "WARNING: not local trusted - ExternalInterface disabled!

    ERROR: action not found: externdata.html"

    "externdata.html" & my krpano textfield "mypanorama.xml" files are into the same filed

    ? *cry*

  • Hi brice,

    Have you downloaded the krpano 1.0.7 ?
    Into this download there is some examples... one of them is the one you refers before https://krpano.com/forum/wbb/../../examples/textfield/ . So you can view the code and make some change to learn how it work...

    If you put the hotspot into the textfield example, you will see it in the middle of the screen... click on it ... it display the same textfield as the text OPEN HTML TEXTFIELD do.

    Try it. C'est dur la culture *wink* .


  • Michel,

    thank's but I win when I "play" with all values like :
    <action name="loadpano1">

    no problem for this actions but I don't understaind how work this action :

    I think i have to add another atribute like "plugin" or "date"

    what else !

    I try again... 4 hours later

    I hope I'll be back !

  • Hi brice,

    Here is the textfield code with the hotspot added at the beginning:

    The Hotspot call the action(show_html_field) when onclick....
    The plugin button does the same.... call the action(show_html_field) when onclick....
    The action(show_html_field) looks as follow:

    Basically he makes the plugin button disappear and makes the plugin htmltext appear...

    There is many other actions defined in this example...
    Just take a look and try to understand what call those actions and what they do. *wink* learning curve. *g*

    Also, see here for textfield plugin doc: https://krpano.com/plugins/textfield/


  • Michel,

    thank's a lot
    I try every day and un think i've found a part of solution !

    i will come back soon to post my test link to show you my work !

    asap !

    thank's for your help

  • Hi brice,

    Mon préféré c'est "Le Hammac" *smile* ....

    Cool... You have done it *attention*

    Some notes:

    • Your pano is really heavy and you are using multiresolution but with only one level...
    • Perhaps it will be cool to add some text intro to explain that the paintings are interactive...
    • The plugin[htmltext] has a height="800" and align="center"... this can be a problem for some one having a little screen (like me - 1024x768 *wink* )... I can not see the close link if i am not in Fullscreen...
    • Perhaps it can be good to stop the autorotate or freeze the view when the plugin[htmltext] is displayed...

    Any way, you have done a good job. (1433 lines of code...oufff *g* )


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