and other "ressources" sites still existing

  • Hello everybody,

    I'm interested in 360 photos and video since a long time (at least 15 years). As i'm french I was used to go on but it doesn't exist anymore :/ When GiBe died this great forum he built went down. It was a great ressource and a very big lost.

    I don't know where to go to follow 360° news, I guess all is in facebook and insta now, but perhaps you know a good site or forum where you can speak about those topics. I guess lot of us are on krpano's forum too,at least Fernando ,if I'm not wrong you were used to post on too, and I remember you were already a great photograph and videast in 2010, I remember, after you've built one, building myself a hero2 rig with 6 of them to build high res' video my computer wasn't even able to read ^^ If you''re the right person you were an idole for me with lot of very good work.

    Krpano forum is great, but I guess there is some places where people continue to speak about video stictching, stabilizing custom multi camera rigs, etc. Now that all in one cameras are usual I guess there are fewer people interested in those topics, but I'm sure some people are still working on those topics, when you see an insta360 titan is more than 10 000€ when 6 x 8k with the latest insta360 cam would cost less than 3000€ for a higher resolution I think it's interesting to work on how to stich and stabilize a custom rig. Only one example of an intersting topic (at least for me).

    So my question is, where to go if you want to be up to date about 360° news in 2024 ? I'm ok with facebook links and groups, but if there are reference sites or forum I would love to know about them :)

    Thanks for reading.

    Best regards.

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