Cant see Video hotspot

  • I have added video hotspot code in my index.html page but I cant see it.

    Here is the code for the video player

    And below is the code for entire html incase you wish to see::


    Please guide me where is the issue ?

  • Hello,

    I called the videoplayer.js like this

    <script src="../../../krpano.js"></script>

    <script src="plugins/videoplayer.js"></script>

    and then I remove the ''<script>' node. Here is what my code looks like

    But If I see network, I dont see cats-poster.jpg loaded, see image

  • Hello,

    5 hours after the previous post isn't much... It's morning in Europe. If you have deadlines I think it could be a good idea to buy the licence *g*

    Sorry my knowledge is too poor for the moment to help you on that specific question but I would've been happy to help.

    Have a nice day :)

  • I need to code in index.html, Thats what I was trying to ask in this post, like how to show a video hotspot inside html.

    This is how I am showing Image hotspot

    Guide me how to show Video, that will be so helpful

  • Its done, this code worked

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