Faster production of 3D tours based on blender+PCA+krpano

  • After completing the blender+pca model, use our plug-in to generate a 3D roaming source file locally in a few clicks, supporting krpano secondary development;
    1. Only supports Windows system;
    2. Support a larger number of panoramas. (The speed of generation depends only on the speed of krpano)
    3. One permission code for each machine;
    4. No time limit, no limit on the number of projects, local offline production;
    5. The operation steps are demonstrated after the 36th minute of the video; (The video only demonstrates a few panoramas, but if there are hundreds of panoramas, the same operation will be performed;)
    6.krpano1.20 or above version;

    Interested friends can send emails to purchase;

    If you need a 3D tour, feel free to contact me for panoramic image 3D tour production services and krpano secondary development. *smile*
    In addition, if you have development business in panoramic image platform, you can also contact me. I look forward to exchanging various application scenarios and exploring panorama applications with you.

    Our company is based in Shanghai, China and we have been engaged in panoramic business since 2017.

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