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  • Hello,

    We are struggling with integration of our data to krpano and are looking for somone that could support us directly as a consultant. Below is the description of our data and our questions. We believe that the best way would be to have a short call in which we can clarify our questions and get your support to quickly resolve the issues.

    Description of our data

    • We perform a 360 video survey with an insta360 camera on a flat building roof.
    • We use pose estimation to obtain camera positions and photogrammetry to generate a mesh for measurements.


    In our transformations each camera has a position (in meters) and a rotation (in pitch, yaw, roll in degrees). A local visualization shows that the poses are correct and aligned with the mesh:


    The mesh is provided as obj file.

    We follow the documentation and attempt to integrate the obj within the scene in the following way:


    Question 1: What is the correct approach to achieve the required functionality?
    Question 2: Is this the correct hierarchy to import the obj-file?
    This approach retains the mesh static, but moves the scenes and their orientations.

    The approach followed here is problematic and doesn’t seem to work. We try to rotate the mesh using the prealign in image. But as a result we have to adapt the align in depthmap to make the image fit the mesh again.
    Question 3: Is there a way to rotate the obj-file mesh?
    This approach would retain the current scene static, and rotate the mesh around it at every step?

    We found this unresolved support request:


    I understand that only discrete rotation in 90 degree steps is possible?

    I appreciate any help, if you can work with us directly to resolve our issue, please contact me.

  • We should be able to solve your problem. You can email me.

    If you need a 3D tour, feel free to contact me for panoramic image 3D tour production services and krpano secondary development. *smile*
    In addition, if you have development business in panoramic image platform, you can also contact me. I look forward to exchanging various application scenarios and exploring panorama applications with you.

    Our company is based in Shanghai, China and we have been engaged in panoramic business since 2017.

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