• it works! thanks! but I can't turn it back on. When the pano loads the mouse follow is on, when I click off it is disabled(or removed) but when I click on again it no longer adds the plugin. Any ideas?

  • No sorry no clue :(

    adding the plugin again should alsoo add the eventlisteners again. Maybe instead of removing the plugin you could alsoo bind an function with an action.

    This updated code, doesnt start the plugin when its loaded, but when you call it by plugin[mousefollow].startit() en you stop it with stopit()
    Not tested though.

  • Where do I paste this code for working "area"? Trying to paste into the html file:

    var swf = createswf("krpano.swf", "krpanoSWFObject", "100%", "100%");var area:Object = krpano.get("area");  var mx:Number = stage.mouseX * 0.5;  var my:Number = stage.mouseY * 0.5;  var sx:Number = area.pixelwidth  * 0.5;  var sy:Number = area.pixelheight * 0.5;  swf.addVariable("xml", "test_area.xml");  swf.addParam("wmode","transparent");  swf.embed("krpanoDIV");

    But, unfortunately, does not work at all *confused*

    edit: How I can edit this plugin code?
    I have:
    - followmouse.as
    - followmouse.swf

    Im totally newbie in flash and i would like to set the area in this plugin. Someone help me? *mellow*

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  • Hi,

    Hi, is there a way to use this plugin but only horizontal ?
    I don't want to follow the mouse up and down, is it possible ?

    yes, but only by editing the code,
    e.g. remove this line:

    krpano.set("vlookat_moveforce", vy);

    and the vertical movement will be not set,

    to compile the .as file to a .swf file you need to download the Flex SDK and adjust the path in the mxmlc_compile.bat to it,

    best regards,

  • Hello, i have a solution to turn on and off this plugin. Here my solution.
    She work well on this web site http://www.rauzier-hyperphoto.com/menus-plaisirs/
    I give a wrong url adress to setup the mousefollow off.

    <plugin name="mousefollow" url="followmouse.swf" visible="false" keep="true" enabled="false" />
    <action name="mousefollow-off">

    <action name="mousefollow-on">

    <plugin name="papa-barre" keep="true" align="bottom" x="0" y="0" url="vide.png" width="100%" height="60" onover="mousefollow-off();" onhover="tween(alpha,1); " onout="tween(alpha,0); action(qtvrcursor); mousefollow-on(); " alpha="1" onloaded="" zorder="2"/>

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