Sound on iPad... how to get it working?

  • Hi anyone,
    I am trying to get the sound working on the iPad. I read in the plugin instructions that it needed to be an "on user" event so I added an intro image that when clicked, would go away and start the sound. But it still doesn't work. Sound is fine on regular browser.
    Also, I am uncertain how or if to use the "soundinterface.js" file (is this only for the latest version of Krpano (.14)? As it throws an error on the iPad - (plugin[sounderinterface] loading error: soundinterface.js)
    With this specific tour I am using krpano version (.12) because it has a prebuilt template for a regular customer that I have not converted yet.

    Note: When activating the sound... via removing the aforementioned image, I get a new code that says " unknown action command: playsound "

    Advice/Code to get sound working on v.12


  • Tour

    Here's the link to the tour. Any advice to get this fixed would be great. It will take me a while to update the customers template to v.14, which I assume is more compatible with iPad etc.

    Also, I have been messing around with having the audio in html5 page as a work around, but this doesn't autoplay on iPad... at least as far as I know at this time. I'd like to make a workaround button (play/pause) inside the tour that activates the html5 play/pause feature. If you, or anyone, are aware of code that will call that, I'd be interested in knowing. Using the builtin html5 audio controls is lame and interferes with the page layout.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


  • I don't see the js sound interface

    put on your plugin


    and don't forget to put it in the plugins's file

    Hey Job1.
    I just pulled it out because my customer likes to look at the tours on the iPad. I didn't want the error code popping up as it would kill his impressions of my work. The code was there, it just wasn't helping.
    Likely the problem is that I'm not using krpano v.14, but then again I just don't know.

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