Keyboard accessibility / tab into panorama and between plugins

  • Is there any way of providing keyboard navigation features, to allow keyboard-only users to tab into the Flash player, and use arrow keys to move around? At the moment, using krpano embedding, it doesn't seem possible to get the keyboard focus onto the panorama without clicking on it first.

    Secondly, once focus is on the Flash movie, is it possible to allow tabbing between hotspots/plugins? Ideally to specify the tab order, define (via scripting or XML) behaviour when a plugin receives focus, etc.?

  • Hi,

    no, a keyboard navigation with tabbing between plugins/hotspots is not possible/supported by default,

    but it might be possible to extend the viewer by a flash plugin that handles that,
    the plugin would need to enable the Flashplayer tab mode of the Flashplayer stage and for all plugin/hotspots Sprite elements and define the tab order... the interfaces for doing that would be theoretically there...

    best regards,

  • ... A focus attribute perhaps?

    Hi, i'm just searching ecxactly for this.
    At least with the HTML5 Viewer it should be possible to do this.
    For some of my clients the interface has to be accessible for keyboard only users (handicapped accessible). Otherwise the use (and production) of panoramic images is obsolete for them.

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