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    I have developed a webplayer that features some video playback (the video si some 5 minutes long). On my client's iPhone (12) the phone enters into sleep mode while playing back the video (this doesn't happen on my iPhone SE second gen or 11 Pro Max). I understand that this shouldn't be happening, as the OS should prevent entering into sleeping mode while playing back a video, but still

    Has anyone of you had a similar experience? Is there some explanation?


    Thnaks Tuut,

    yeah, I know that it needs a touch event to trigger the sound, but on my iPhone SE 2 (iOS 14.2) and other 6S (iOS 13.3) there is no sound on this example, no matter how many times you touch the screen. The weird thing is that it plays nicely on my iPad


    have found this weird issue: a simple sound, played via soundinterface, doesn't play on iPhone (iOS 14.2 or 13.3, tested on several devices). You can test simply on the background sound sample provided by Klaus:…groundsound.xml

    The weird thing is that it plays on iPad (14.2) and that the soundinterface plugin, works. I have added an oncomple event on my test, and it gets fired, although the sound is not audible.

    Any hint?

    I have been playing with the method to add hotspot videos with an AlphaChannel as this example:…tml5=only+webgl

    it works perfect, but I have discover a problem. If I try to play the 360 photo on a phone and using a cardboard on the VR mode, the hotspot is misaligned and seems to be over the photo... this is problem of stereo disparity... I guess the players shifts the left and right view of the pano but not the hotspot..

    there is any solution to that??



    I think that by default, on desktop, you use the low res version of your video. The 1024x512. that is why you get a poor quality rendering. I have checked your hd video on kolor eyes (now gopro vr) and its quality is the same with the one you get on krpano

    Had the same problem with crosswalk and 360 videos played by krpano.
    My guess is the best way now that android 5 or higher is used on most of the mobiles now would be to build a native webview app in android studio.

    thanks for your answer. So, as I see it, it is not safe to use crosswalk. Does anybody know how safe it is to go for native webview for playing 360 videos? is this dependent on the android version, the manufacturer's skin, or something else?

    as a follow up to my previous message. I have discovered that if I compile the cordova app without the crosswalk libs (forcing it to use the webview present in the phone), on my Samsung s6 with android 6.0.1, my app plays well and smoothly my 360 videos. But without crosswalk I may find many incompatibility issues, am I right?

    So, what is the problem with crosswalk? has anybody else had this issue?

    Hi all,

    I am fooling around with a phonegap + krpano android app. I am using crosswalk version 19 and phone gap version 6.2.0. krpano version is 19.8. When trying to play a panoramic video, all I get is a black screen (audio plays, though), that means that the file is found.

    The video shows and plays when accessed from the browser, so it is not a problem with the encoding.

    I thought that using crosswalk would eliminate this kind of problems.

    Any hints?

    Hi all,

    I am trying to build a vr virtual tour using 360 videos. I know of the touch problem for auto playing videos on mobile, for that matter, my first video is triggered when touching the ENTER VR button, and everything is fine. The problem comes when passing from one video to another, which is done inside the VR interface, where no touching is possible (the phone is in the cardboard). Videos don't play at all unless the screen receives a touch event. I can't find a solution with android devices. Is there any?


    I am keeping on struggling with mobilevr and video360. Now, I have found that if I install the example of 1.19 pr 3 locally, the video won't play the first time I launch it (always in cardboard mode) on android devices (tested on different models, always same results). But this same example plays as expected when I play it form…x.html?v=119pr3.

    If I press Exit VR button, and then again the video hotspot, it plays. I am playing via wifi from our local lan, so the bandwidth shouldn't be an issue.

    Thanks Klaus,

    but the sound is still not working (I am using only "cardboard mode"). It works if I use it in normal 360 video.

    And for the unexpected exit of the video (always in cardboard mode), sound file and video file are exactly of same length. I have discovered that it must be some memory issue, because if I use a lower quality sample of the same video (i.e., same length, same resolution, but lower bit rate and overall size in MB), the video plays all the way till the end. If I use a better quality version (higher bit rate, and bigger size in MB), the video won't never play till the end.

    Hi all,

    I am playing around with webvr spherical video (with the 19 pr 3 demo), and I have found two problems on iPhone (iOs 9.0.2, iPhone 6s):

    - no sound for the videos (even when using the special technique discussed somewhere, placing an audio file alongside the video file)
    - the videos longer than the demo provided, exit without notice, going to the vr menu

    Has anybody else experienced this behaviour?


    We are having a real nightmare with panoramic video on android.

    Apparently same android version (4.4.4) with nearly same chrome version (41.0.2272.94 vs 41.0.2272.96), plays well in some phones (soni xperia, for instance), but badly on others (on huawei ascend g7 the video plays but the poster image doesn't disappears, and the video can be heard but not seen). On other cases, the video plays well, but a horrible artifact can be seen vertically ( Samsung Gallaxy Nexus 4, Android 4.3, chrome 41.0.2272.96). On the Samsung Galaxy Tab s 10.5 (Android 4.4.2, chrome 41.0.2272.96), the chrome webGL can't be activated even when I set it so in the chrome flags settings, so the panoramic video plays as a normal video...

    This behaviour has nothing to do with our files, it has been tested with the demo files provided here:

    Overall, among the 5 different devices tested, only 2 (Google Nexus 5 and Soni Xperia) play acceptably. Is this what should be expected?