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krpano Update Package for Kolor Panotour Pro

This updates the Kolor Panotour Pro software to latest krpano version and additionally adds also several fixes and improvements to the default Panotour Pro template files.


How to Update Panotour Pro

  1. Download krpano from here and unpack it anywhere on your system.
  2. Start the krpano Tools application.
  3. Register your krpano license code.
  4. Open the Settings tab.
  5. When Panotour Pro is installed on your system, you should get additional information and buttons in the Settings tab - like shown in the screenshot below:

  6. Click the Install the Panotour Pro Update button to install the update.
  7. Done. Start and use Panotour Pro.
  8. Optionally you can also remove the update again or open the Panotour Pro user folder for manually editing the updated template files.

Download Panotour Pro

For using the krpano Update Package it is necessary to use the latest Panotour Pro versions. Therefore here the latest Panotour Pro version for downloading:

Panotour Pro Change Log

krpano 1.20.7

  • Fix: Remove several outdated device specific checks and workarounds from the Panotour Pro xml templates. This should fix some sound, video and web-content-hotspot problems on iOS devices.

krpano 1.20.2

  • Fix: Avoid get(var) warning.
  • Fix: Calling events.dispatch(...) wasn't working inside layer/hotspot event-calls.
  • Fix: Improved WebVR support.
  • Fix: Use default browsers cursors (grab for dragging and move -or- all-scroll for moving).
  • Fix: The sound range in degree is now restored for directional sound spots.
  • Fix: Add the default krpano mobile vr device database for some device recognition into VR mode.
  • Remove: The mobile scale factor for VR content is not used anymore (i.e. is always 1.0).

krpano 1.20.1

  • New: Add debugmode, debugkeys, debugjsactions, debugjsplugins entries, deactivated by default, into the main xml file.
  • Fix: Update some HTML metatags
  • Fix: Remove unused comments
  • Fix: Replace %SWFPATH% by %VIEWER%
  • Fix: Apply SPHERE image type to partial panoramas for multi-resolution
  • Fix: Restore Polygonal hotspots into VR mode
  • Fix: Remove and correct some build screen warning messages
  • New: Add autopause and autounlock attributes to the sound interface
  • New: Add 3D sound ability for sound spots into HTML5 generated tours and for VR with default krpano settings
  • Remove: The sound loop is only limited to loop or not, so there is no way to play a sound a given number of time
  • Remove: The sound range for 3D sounds is not used anymore
  • Fix: Update the WebVR interface for krpano 1.20 compatibility
  • Update: krpano like interface with icons has been applied to the WebVR first page
  • Remove: Remove of the mobile/tablet device orientation scripts into the main HTML page
  • Fix: The call to undefined focus method Javascript error.