• Hi Klaus,

    I experience different behaviour about when the poster image shows.
    Sometimes it is immediately there, but most of the time it seems to take a while if not ages...
    Sometimes the buffer/load bar is already on 50% but still no poster..

    Is there a way to force it to show directly?
    Is it about render settings of the video?

    Tuur *thumbsup*

  • Hi,

    I'm getting the same kind of behaviour as Tuur. On iOS and all desktop browsers except Chrome, it seems like the buffer/load bar has to fill from 10% -50% before the poster shows.
    An issue arises when the play/pause button is clicked/tapped before the poster shows. The video then won't show and only plays sound with the current scene still showing.

    With Chrome on both desktop and Android, the poster appears almost instantly and no issue.

    As Tuur mentioned, would it have to do with video render settings or how the video was encoded? Or could there be a workaround where the play/pause button only shows after buffer/load bar does it's thing?

    Here's a link with the tour being worked on that can hopefully reproduce the behaviour - http://www.pano-ad.com.au/panos/360video…ccon/index.html


  • I noticed it as well, as Tuur said, sometimes almost instantly and most of the times it takes a while.

    Would be nice to force it somehow, just for the poster-image.

    And ooh yes when you press play before poster image, it sometimes just plays, but the player is black.


  • Hi,

    that could happens when a lot of files are loading at the same time.

    Typically the browsers are loading only a certain amount of files simultaneously at the same time (e.g. 6 files). When there are more files they will be queued and loaded when the current loading files are ready. Now it could happen that the poster image will be queued behind the video and some other files in some cases.

    Beside of this there can be also browser (or krpano) bugs here of course. Especially iOS is horrible here.

    Best regards,

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