• I published a little update to the plugin and its documentation:

    - Fixed a bug that caused the plugin to appears double in size in retina iPads and similar devices (it was actually fixed a months ago but I'm just now updating it here).

    - Fixed a couple of minor edge case bugs.

    - Made a couple of small improvements to the docs.

  • Hi,

    I am trying to use the tooltip plugin to add tooltips to the navigation thumbnails. Ideally I would like to be able to via javascript, but I can't get any tooltips to work that way. I have only had success by setting tooltips in the xml files.

    So for the thumbnails, I have tried modifying my vtourskin.xml so that where the thumbs are added, "skin_addthumbs", I add the following two lines to the for loop:

    set(layer[get(thumbname)].style, 'hotspot|tooltip'); 
              set(layer[get(thumbname)].tooltip, thumbname);

    Any advice on how to get this to work would be greatly appreciated.

  • I was just using my hotspot style because I didn't want to create a new style until after I got some semblance of tooltip popping up.

    Oddly, neither of those worked for me (I had tried one of those before asking for help. Didn't think of the copy one). So it's nice to know I was on the right track. Not so nice it still doesn't work :( I have included tooltip.xml in my tour.xml and I am sure it works because of the hotspot tooltips. I have left the tooltips_thumbs="true" even though I have no idea what that does, as I cannot find any documentation on skin_settings. I also set height/width/crop of the thumbs, but figure that shouldn't interfere.

    Is there something else I may have been missing?

  • hi. i made a plugin that puts the hotspot's-name under every hotspot as a textfield automatically.
    like the tooltip is visible always an clickable if you want to.
    textfield can be edited of course.
    simple integration.
    works also in VR and smartphone, or touch devices.
    would that help you? or do you need something else?

  • I often use that code in order to set the transparency angle for my hotspot:

    I all my Tour works without problems, but I have noticed that if I add the Tooltip plugin there is some conflict between the codes and my hotspots remains invisible, no matter which value of transparency I insert...
    Can someone give me an help , please?

  • We have just purchased the plugin, and after we have included it in our project and uploaded the plugin files, we get the following error

    ERROR: parsing '.../plugins/abs.js' failed:SyntaxError: Unexpected token ':'


    Googling the error brought up the following thread: http://thread

    So, we wonder if the abs.js plugin might not be still compatible with the latest versions of krpano.

    If that's not the case, what might be the reason for the error we get?

    Many thanks

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