panoramic video on Android browsers nightmare

  • We are having a real nightmare with panoramic video on android.

    Apparently same android version (4.4.4) with nearly same chrome version (41.0.2272.94 vs 41.0.2272.96), plays well in some phones (soni xperia, for instance), but badly on others (on huawei ascend g7 the video plays but the poster image doesn't disappears, and the video can be heard but not seen). On other cases, the video plays well, but a horrible artifact can be seen vertically ( Samsung Gallaxy Nexus 4, Android 4.3, chrome 41.0.2272.96). On the Samsung Galaxy Tab s 10.5 (Android 4.4.2, chrome 41.0.2272.96), the chrome webGL can't be activated even when I set it so in the chrome flags settings, so the panoramic video plays as a normal video...

    This behaviour has nothing to do with our files, it has been tested with the demo files provided here:

    Overall, among the 5 different devices tested, only 2 (Google Nexus 5 and Soni Xperia) play acceptably. Is this what should be expected?

  • You are not alone :(
    I just did my first video360 and discovered the same problem. I tried to remove the flat setting, but did not succeed and .. I looked through a lot of pages google and have not found a solution.

  • Hi,

    that's unfortunately Android and it's fragmentation as it is - when it comes to the GPU and it's support, every Android manufacturer is free to be able to add a different GPU ands different buggy GPU drivers.

    As krpano itself is a HTML5 script and not a native application, it
    relies on the functionality of the browser and the device itself.

    A lot of devices are already working very fine and some other are unfortunately not, but generally the Android situation is getting better and better, especially since Android 4.4 because there the old Webkit-based Android Webview was replaced with a Chromium-based on that is update-able via the Playstore.

    If there are problems report them to the manufacturer of your device and also here to the Chrome developers here - sometimes the bug itself is also inside Chrome or they can add workarounds for buggy GPU drivers:

    Best regards,

  • Hi,
    Thanks very much for making krpano better~
    I have found some problem, when using it for 360 video.
    i have tested some browsers on PC and mobile these days. I find it supports chrome and firefox on win7, but does not work well on IE, safari(MAC). It does not work on UC(mobile Nexus 5).
    When i flip Nexus 5 and use firefox , it seems to be something wrong with gyroscope control. Is something wrong with coordinate system of firefox?
    i didnot test much with IOS and mac right
    Is there a list or document that any device and any browser is supported by krpano for 360video?
    thanks~ *smile*

  • Guys, how is it working for you in the default android browser?
    It seems like it is forcing all the video to shrink down = it is flat, not a sphere. No panoramic features at all.

    This seems to be a problem with the android's WebView as well. I am loading a video pano html into a webview. It shows and plays fine but it is completely flat and shrunk down to fit the table/div. I cannot seem to figure out whether there is some way to fix this.

    Any ideas? (especially Klaus? ;) )
    Thanks a lot!


  • I think thats an video texture issues isn't it? Because the default browser is playing some of the webgl demos outthere, but all with video dont work.

  • No idea, really.
    It works fine in Chrome / Firefox (I haven't tested in other browsers) but the default android browser just screws it up and seems like the WebView class does exactly the same. ...which means a video pano cannot be packaged as an app.

    I actually read in some other topic that the default browser does this because of the missing webgl, etc. support (here). So just really wondering whether anybody has some other idea how to achieve it. I know squat about android development, to be honest. I just really need to package the app as an "app" (needs to be downloadable as an .apk)

    EDIT: tried to use crosswalk / intel xdk / cocoonjs (ludei) but no go either - the pano loads but the video doesn't. Simply shows a log message ERROR: whatevervideo.mp4 - loading video failed!. I am absolutely positive the video file is in the correct folder, etc. (it loads fine in the browser and even on iOS)

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