krpano 1.19-pr4 / 1.19-pr5 / 1.19-pr6

  • Hi,

    the next krpano pre-release is ready - krpano 1.19-pr4.

    Here a quick list of the news and changes in that version, a full and more detailed list will follow with the final release:

    • The action calls will be processed 'synchronous' now, there is no 'queuing' anymore. E.g. when calling code from an event or from external Javascript it will be processed immediately. This solves many 'ordering' problems and opens many possibilities for faster internal processing.
    • Due the new synchronous processing, the actions are processed faster now - especially the for() and loop() actions (their inner-loop code will be cached and can be executed way faster).
    • Improved layouting performance.
    • Improved WebGL rendering performance.
    • All kind of image- and videos-hotspots will be rendered by WebGL by default now (and are available for VR/stereo rendering). Textfield- and polygonal-hotspots for WebGL are still in work.
    • Improved WebVR support - all current WebVR API versions are supported, the older ones and the new WebVR API 1.0, the new GearVR browser is directly support, special support for Firefox (which currently has an older and buggy WebVR rendering resolution support), orientation lock support, more mobile devices.
    • Direct fisheye image/video support in the viewer.
    • Direct MJPEG video streaming support (e.g. for dome-webcams).
    • Stereo hotspots (different images for left/right, via cropping).
    • Improved videoplayer plugin.
    • New actions and new settings.
    • Improved dragging control.
    • The krpano HTML5 Viewer will be used by default now.
    • The krpano Embedding Script and krpano HTML5 Viewer are now always merged into one file.
    • The krpano Testing Server provides an automatically redirecting of local started html files.
    • Updated tour skin - better VR support, integrated pano-video player.
    • A completely new videopano skin with VR support - example.
      Included in the download package and easy to use with own videos.
    • Many many many fixes and detail improvements.
    • Updated examples.

    The release should be 'stable', but is still not fully finished.
    There are still some planed, but still missing features:

    • Textfield hotspots for WebGL/VR
    • Polygonal hotspots for WebGL/VR
    • Updated soundinterface plugin
    • Improved tools (an interface for directly inputting stereoscopic-images and videos)
    • Some smaller known-issues.

    The xml/actions/embedding/plugininterface and plugin documentation pages are already updated. Check them too for more information about the new features.

    Update: krpano 1.19-pr5:

    There is an update for version 1.19-pr4 - the version 1.19-pr5 - its' mainly a bug-fix release.
    Many things that were working in older versions, but not in 1.19-pr4, should now work again.

    These things were fixed:

    • <layer> elements without align setting were positioned wrong
    • When changing the crop setting, the width and height settings were not updated instantly like in previous versions.
    • In some cases the width and height settings were not set/updated already in the onloaded event and this was leading to many incompatibly problems.
    • The position of non-zoomed/non-distorted webgl-hotspots was wrong.
    • The size of non-zoomed/non-distorted webgl-hotspots was wrongly 'stage-scaled'.
    • The position of css3d-hotspots with children elements was wrong in some cases.
    • The position of textfield-hotspots was wrong sometimes in some cases.
    • It was not possible to re-use a videoplayer plugin a second time as pano.
    • Don't trigger the onout event when changing/reloading a webgl-hotspot image.
    • WebGL creation error when the pano-element had a size of exactly 320x240px at startup.
    • Support the latest GearVR 'Samsung Internet' browser.
    • Disable/block autorotate in VR mode.
    • Support HTTPS in Bing Maps plugin.
    • The width of an opened combobox was wrong in some cases.
    • The name of <action> elements with protect=true were wrongly case-sensitive.
    • The defaultskin.xml supports mobilescale=1.0.
    • Fixed for the vtourskin.xml: map spots were behind the map in some browsers, calling skin_hideskin at startup works now, improved deep-linking.
    • Updated Three.js example.

    Update: krpano 1.19-pr6:

    This version brings several smaller bug fixes and improvements:

    • The lookat() action has now internal WebVR support.
    • Allow changing the view of the current pano while keeping the view-movement of the old pano during blending (for seamless blending and view-changes in VR mode).
    • The crop setting wasn't working in some cases (depending on the order of usage).
    • Rendering/blending bug when using NOBLEND (report).
    • Invisible hotspots when using NOBLEND.
    • Avoid rendering mirrored non-distorted hotspots on extreme fisheye distortions.
    • Workarounds for iPhone 6+ fullscreen landscape mode.
    • The contextmenu fontsize was too large on HiDPI Windows systems in some browsers (browser bug).
    • Hiding the DOM element of the krpano HTML5 viewer no longer causes onviewchange event calls (report).
    • No JS-error when unloading the viewer during WebVR mode.
    • Updated vtourskin.xml for improved VR support.
    • vtourskin.xml - new optional linkedscene_lookat="hlookat, vlookat, fov" setting for skin_hotspotstyle-based hotspots to set the startup-view of the linked scene (works also in VR mode and when using the gyro-control).
    • New debug(), warning(), error() and fatalerror() actions (feature request).
    • New autorotate.interruptionevents setting to control which events will interrupt the auto-rotation.
    • Don't stop nexttick/delayedcall actions from an removed element (report). Instead only remove the caller object.
    • Don't capture the MacOSX system keys (report).
    • Allow using in Flash (report).
    • In the subtxt() action the default length parameter wasn't working in Flash (report).
    • Set failIfMajorPerformanceCaveat to false by default.
    • Improved resetsensor action in the webvr.js and gyro2.js plugins.
    • gyro2.js - new softstart setting for slowing fading to the gyro-tracked-position (feature request).
    • videoplayer.js - support iOS 8 again (report).
    • webvr.js - new headtracking setting to disable the head-tracking.
    • webvr.js - avoid unintended mouse-movement when switching to fullscreen mode.
    • googlemaps.js - key setting for setting the Google Maps API Key (report). The http://tour.xml/vtourskin.xml were also updated to allow setting the key.
    • The editor.swf was sometimes saving UTF8 files wrongly.
    • The protect command line tool can use the 'merged' krpano.js as base file now.
    • The MAKE OBJET droplet wasn't working in the previous release.

    Best regards,

  • Hi,

    depth="off" for hotspots means the hotspot image will be rendered at 'infinite' distance like the pano image itself. That can be used when the hotspot should be a part of the pano image and not a 'pop-out' element.

    Best regards,


    Thank you for the new update *love*

    Great to see that the GEARVR Browser is now supported.

    Great to see that textfield hotspots will be avaible in the future...

    You made my slepness night... *thumbsup*

  • Why 1.19.pr4 viewer show this tips at Localbrowsing? *confused*
    Local usage with file:// urls is limited due browser security restrictions!


    that should be better and more informative than just a 'xml loading error' or a fallback from the HTML5 version to the less-featured and less-performing Flashplayer version ;-).

    I have often got questions like 'local it's working and online not' or 'local and online are different somehow' - and the reason therefore was that people were using (unwittingly) locally the Flash viewer (as automatic fallback) and online the HTML5 viewer. That change should avoid such problems.

    In the new version the embedding script tests when running locally first if loading the xml would be even possible - and when not - it either shows that message (which could be adjusted) or redirects itself automatically to the krpano Testing server to view the page.

    See here the documentation about that new feature:

    The previous behavior with falling locally back to Flash could be get by using localfallback:"flash" but I wouldn't recommend that! Getting locally and online the same content should be better and more productive.

    Best regards,

  • wow ! Massive works !

    Many thanks Klaus, not only for what is KrPano and its well documented possibilities, but for your support and hard efforts for always make it even better.


    Will test that asap !!

  • Hi Klaus :)

    Great improvements and fixes.

    Depth="off" works perfect. Hotspot is displayed on the panorama plane at infinity. But that setting still behaves as "scale".

    The following example is displayed on the hotspot depth from 100 (the largest hotspot) to 5000.

    In the VR mode, we have the impression that the object is approaching and receding, but it does not help at all, when we can not control the scale and the actual size of the height and width.
    This function makes sense when we set the parameters of the stereo hotspot, with control over its size. So the size of the hotspot is set by the height, width and scale and depth adjusts the offset between left and right eye.

    Can we correctly understand the purpose of this setting?

    Piotr i Pawel

  • I have different hotspots for VR mode and non VR mode, so I just set them to visible true or false onentervr & onexitvr

    When exiting VR mode and going back again in VR mode then hotspot zorder setting isn't kept

  • Great update Klaus, each delivery is always a pleasant surpise!!! *thumbsup*

    BTW, I had some issues updating to this version as I had to specify "align" attribute to "lefttop" manually on some layers as they lost they layout just after update. I think it may be due to default values may have been changed.

    You may want to check that out as lots of interfaces can get messed by this.


  • Kudos, Klaus, for continuing to keep krpano ahead of the curve.

    I hope that you will soon be able to give some attention to the image quality in VR mode. This has hardly improved since first implemented, and is still fuzzy and badly aliased at the same time. Now that you have solid support for GearVR, this really cries out for improvement. BTW VR stereo works smoothly in Samsung's GearVR Internet browser, which (almost) makes it possible to browse the web while wearing the HMD.

    And as usual I would like to plead with you to enable the touchpad in VR mode, for horizontal pan at least. Ideally the vertical axis would control zoom -- zoom works fine in sbs stereo mode, why not in VR also?


  • Hi

    i m still a beginner here and i have a question... of course...

    In my gear VR i can watch a virtual tour directly in the samsung browser ?
    If yes how do i do this ?

    I tried but... it s still 2D and 360 mode is not a real 360... so can you me to understand ??


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