ScrollBar XML plugin with MakeDragable additional function

  • Hi!
    I want to represent you new XML plugin - scrollbar with makeDragable function.
    Made for easy creating scrollbars and making objects dragable.
    Scroll averything you want: view.hllokat, view.fow, position, transparency, any variables....
    Scrollbar skin fully customizable, spin button yes/no, vertical/horisontal.


    Plugin has additional function "makeDragable" for making objects dragable.
    This is the upgraded Klaus "dragable style" - with inertia draging, like on iPad.
    just run action makeDragable(plugin,plugin_name); for plugin and makeDragable(hotspot,hotspot_name); for hotspot

    makeDragable( object, name ); - make some object dragable, where object (plugin/hotspot) with name
    dropDragable( object, name ); - reset object drag possibilities

    Special thanks for Klaus dragable style *thumbup*

    Hope you like it

    Andrey *thumbup*

  • Finally a scrollbar for textfields *thumbsup*

    I've tried all sorts over the past few years but this looks really nice, plus the addition of being able to move it it around the stage. Perfect for education tours that are full of info windows.

    Hope you have a fun birthday next week.


  • Hi,

    is this scrollbar plugin only for textfield or can it be used for other things too? Like i have vertical list of places ( plugins on same parent, making it like a menu) and mask over them to show just some of them. Can i use this plugin to scroll the parent and show more of the list?
    Not sure im able to explain it correctly.


  • Hello!
    You can scroll everything (mean - any variable and attribute)
    just use onchange avent current value stored in scrollbar value
    for example:

    BTW - in DEMO you can see how to use scrollbar for change position.


  • I´d love to see an example of the scrollable textfield for the iphone/ipad too, mindlessboss! With the new possibility to protect the iphone-xml, it should be no problem. And if it works just as flawless on the iphone/ipad as id does in flash, I´m your next customer *wink*

    Best regards

  • Hi Andrey,

    On each pano i change my html data, so the scrollbar has to be updated.

    here what i tried but this is not accurate.

    Could yoiu help me please?

    i'm not sure about what valueto and value_area have to be set


  • Hello! take a look at this

    so, the scrollbar can change some value from start value to end value
    that why is value_from and value_to attributes
    and you can set for example (from 0 to 100) or (from 0 to -100)
    first value_from="0" value_to="100"
    second value_from="0" value_to="-100"

    just try to play set some values and set onchange="trace(get(plugin[scrollbar].value));"
    and drag scrollbar with opened log window, you will see how value chaning.

    Hope it help
    Andrey *thumbup*

  • HI!
    Ok, i'll try to explain
    imagine, textfiled with height 2000px, but you want to put it to small window with height 300px
    we can call 300px as visible area of textfiled, right?
    now we need scrollbar for scrolling textfiled.
    what we get
    textfiled y = 0
    visible area = 300
    max y = ( textfiled height - visible area ) 2000 - 300 = 1700 ( but with minus )
    minus need to move textfield to top (if align and edge lefttop for example)
    so, scrollbar will have
    value_to= -1700
    barstyle=page (this need for calculate % of bar from scrollbar size)

    Hope it's clear

    and yes, if you using one window with height 300 for two or more texfileds, you can set value_area=300 of scrollbar for all

    Andrey *thumbup*

  • Hi

    I think there's a bug with the scrollbar plugin when setting new html content in the controlled textfield.

    Sometimes (1/10, i can't produce an exact way to make it happen), after changin html content of textfield (html content with images), when i move the scrollbar the browser get stucked and crashes (tested on ie, firefox, safari...).

    Any idea on what's going wrong here?

  • Hi!
    Hm... strange...
    This is only xml and not depend from system.
    Anyway, try to not change content of textfield plugin dynamicaly.
    Better way is prepare plugin before show it with scrollbar.
    Other words - one content one plugin.

    Hope it help
    Andrey *thumbup*

  • ouch, scrollbar is part of an app, where everything is dynamic :/

    i know it's strange, but i happens when i start draging scrollbar. it doesn't move on screen, and get browser stucked, tested on 3 machines, windows/mac.

    i think it has something to do with calculation with new scrollbar values, htmltext height etc...

    here's the xml i'm using:

  • i just made a new test with removing scrollbar plugin and buildin a new one each time necessary : bug still here

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