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for krpano

NOTE: This page is from an older version, see the latest version here.

Combobox Plugin combobox.swf / combobox.js Version

  • A standard Flash dropdown combobox.
  • Items can be defined statically and/or dynamically.
  • The position and size of it can by adjusted with the standard plugin attributes.
  • The Flash CS4 source code (.fla) is available here (750kB).
  • Note - the old <action name="combobox:..."> syntax is officially not longer supported and shouldn't be used in new projects but it is still there for backward compatibility!


With static item definitions:
<plugin name="cb" url="combobox.swf" alturl="combobox.js"
        align="leftbottom" x="10" y="10"
    <item name="item1" caption="Item 1" onclick="..." />
    <item name="item2" caption="Item 2" onclick="..." />
    <item name="item3" caption="Item 3" onclick="..." />

Or with dynamically added items:
<plugin name="cb"
        align="leftbottom" x="10" y="10"

<action name="fillbox">       
    addIdItem(item1, 'Item 1', trace(Item 1 clicked) );
    addIdItem(item2, 'Item 2', trace(Item 2 clicked) );
    addIdItem(item3, 'Item 3', trace(Item 3 clicked) );

Plugin Attributes Flash

  • dropdownwidth  (optionally)
    • The width of the drop-down bar in pixels, default=0 which means automatic.
  • rowcount  (optionally)
    • The number of items without scrollbar, default=5.

Plugin Attributes HTML5 / iPhone / iPad

  • native
    • Should the native browser combobox element be used.
    • Settings: "true", "false" or "auto" (default)
    • With "auto" the native element will be used on Desktop and the not-native iPad-style one on iPhone and iPad. Using the native one on iPhone/iPad would cause rendering problems and instability.
    • By setting native="false" it would be possible to use the iPad-style combobox also on Desktop.
  • cbdesignscale
    • Scaling of the combobox design (1 - 2).
    • Defaultvalue: auto ⇒ 1 for iPad and Desktop, 2 for iPhone
    • That means the comobox is by default twice as large on the iPhone (in kind of krpano coordinates) for better and easier touch usage.
  • cbfont
    • Font of the combobox text.
    • Defaultvalue: Arial
  • cbfontsize
    • Fontsize of the combobox text.
    • Defaultvalue: auto ⇒ 14 for iPad and Desktop, 16 for iPhone
  • cbfontstyle
    • Fontstyle of the combobox text.
    • Settings: normal, bold, italic, bolditalic
    • Defaultvalue: normal
  • cbpadding
    • Padding around the comobox text.
    • Defaultvalue: 8
  • cbtoosmallfix
    • Automatic fix for too small comobox elements.
    • That means when the combobox element is very small, then a special smaller design and a smaller fontsize will be used.
    • Settings: true or false
    • Defaultvalue: true
  • itemfont
    • Font of the combobox items.
    • Defaultvalue: Arial
  • itemfontsize
    • Fontsize of the combobox items.
    • Defaultvalue: 16
  • itemfontstyle
    • Fontstyle of the combobox items.
    • Settings: normal, bold, italic, bolditalic
    • Defaultvalue: normal
  • itempadding
    • Padding around the comobox items.
    • Defaultvalue: 10

Sub-Node <item> Attributes

  • name
    • An unique identification name for the item.
  • caption
    • The caption of the item.
  • onclick
    • The onclick event, will be called when selecting the item.

Plugin Actions

Local actions of the combobox plugin object.


FOV-Type example with several combobox elements

Scenes with combobox (Example included in the krpano viewer download package)

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