Sound ON/OFF button with volume control

  • Using a part of the code from the 'slider/blending' example, i created a simple interface to control volume of sound *smile*
    See the example here :

    The full code of this example is avialable here :…code_sound2.xml

    the image used here are in this file :

    ... but, be free to make your own *wink*

  • This is great, thanks Mael!

    Is it possible to create a "progress slider" so a user could fast-forward or rewind to any given point in the audio?

  • link to the xml…code_sound2.xml

    and the code from the xml

  • Sorry, but "NOHIDE" name in the code - what is, for that?
    no plugin and no action in code (code_sound2.xml) with the same name
    and I not find it in the documentation of krpano about NOHIDE......
    how working that this NOHIDE in this code (…code_sound2.xml)?

    ([align=-webkit-auto]onover="[align=-webkit-auto]set(alpha,get(alphab)); set(NOHIDE,false);)


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