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for krpano

NOTE: This page is from an older version, see the latest version here.

Radar Plugin radar.swf / radar.js Version

  • The radar plugin shows the current viewing cone / area.
  • It can be used on a floor map image to show the current viewing direction and field of view on it. Use the parent attribute to align in on a map image. Additionally it would be possible to mask out the radar to a specific area by applying an alpha mask image with the plugin mask attribute.
  • The pano viewing direction can be changed by dragging the radar cone with the mouse. (Can be disabled by setting enabled="false".)
  • The position and size of it can by adjusted with the standard plugin attributes.
  • See the Radar Heading topic for instruction about how to setup the radar/pano heading.


Usage Example:
<plugin name="radar"
        x="100" y="50"

Dynamically set the heading and x/y position:
set(plugin[radar].x, 203);
set(plugin[radar].y, 555);
set(plugin[radar].heading, 91.8);

Plugin Attributes

  • heading
    • The heading of the current pano in degrees, need to align the pano orientation with the radar on the map, default=0.
      See the Radar Heading topic for more details.
  • editmode  (optionally)
    • Enable the radar Heading Edit Mode, it helps finding the heading for the pano. Possible setting: true or false, default=false.
      When enabled (set to true) it is possible to right-click the radar and enable the editing of the heading. See the Radar Heading topic for more details.
  • linecolor  (optionally)
    • The line color of the border line around the radar cone, default=0xFFFFFF.
  • linewidth  (optionally)
    • The width of the border line around the radar cone, default=0.
  • linealpha  (optionally)
    • The alpha of the border line around the radar cone, default=0.3.
  • fillcolor  (optionally)
    • The fill color, default=0xFFFFFF.
  • fillalpha  (optionally)
    • The alpha of the fill color, default=0.5.
  • invert  (optionally)
    • Invert the radar cone. The cone will not fill the field of view, it will field the other area. Possible setting: true or false, default=false.

Radar Aligment / Pano Heading

The heading the defines the orienation of the pano. It must be defined for each pano to align the radar to the map correctly.

The radar plugin includes a Radar Heading Edit Mode that helps finding the heading for the pano.

Here a how to for using the Edit Mode to find out the heading:

  1. Enable the Edit Mode of the radar plugin by setting the editmode attribute to true:
    <plugin name="radar"
  2. Right-click the radar and select "Radar Plugin - Edit Heading":
  3. Now you can drag the radar to adjust the heading, find the heading where the pano view and the radar are showing the same view. There will be a red crosshair in the pano and a red line in the radar for helping finding the same point. The current heading and addtional information about the current xml or scene will be shown on the screen:
  4. When done end the edit mode by right-click the radar again: The heading value will be copied into the system clipboard.


Barrique Vine Cellar Tour - Image-Map with Radar Navigation (Edit Mode enabled)