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Videoplayer Plugin videoplayer.swf Version 1.0.8-beta

  • The Videoplayer plugin can be used to play videos inside krpano...
  • as normal flat video (via plugin element)...
  • or as flat or 3D distorted hotspot (via hotspot element).


As flat plugin element on the screen:
<plugin name="video1"
        align="center" x="0" y="0"

As 3D distorted hotspot element in the pano:
<hotspot name="video1"
         ath="0.0" atv="0.0"

Plugin Attributes

  • videourl
    • The url of the video file.
      Note - the video url must be always relative to the main krpano swf file!
    • The video can be in any video format that is supported by the Flashplayer. See here for information about all supported video formats:
    • Transparent videos with alpha-channel are possible.
  • pausedonstart   (optionally)
    • Should the video be paused at the start.
    • true or false, default=false
  • loop   (optionally)
    • Should the video loop or stop at end.
    • true or false, default=false
  • volume   (optionally)
    • Volume of video sound.
    • 0.0 - 1.0, default=1.0
  • directionalsound   (optionally)
    • Use directional 3D sound when the video is played as hotspot.
    • true or false, default=true
  • range   (optionally)
    • Range of the directional sound, distance of the viewing look direction to the sound position, the sound volume will fall off withhin this distance from volume to outofrangevolume.
  • range   (optionally)
    • The 'falloff' factor, defines the volume falloff curve (e.g. ~0.01 to ~10.0), default=1.0.
  • range   (optionally)
    • Out of range volume, default=0.0.
  • buffertime   (optionally)
    • The time in seconds that the video should be preloaded/buffered before starting to play, default=0.1 (=Flashplayer default).
  • updateeveryframe   (optionally)
    • An advanced setting for special performance optimizations - use with care!
    • It has only an effect when the video is played as distorted hotspot!
    • true or false, default=false
      The video frame will be only refreshed/updated when flash reports "there is a new frame", this reduces the cpu load but in situations where the Flashplayer has much work to do, this can cause frame skipping (e.g. while moving in the pano).

Plugin Attributes - Events

  • onvideocomplete   (optionally)
    • Will be called when the video was played completely.
    • Happens only when "loop" is set to "false".

Plugin Dynamic Read Only Attributes

  • ispaused  
    • Check if the video is currently paused.
    • true or false

Plugin Actions

Local actions of the Videoplayer plugin object.
  • playvideo(url)
    • Opens a new video stream and starts playing it.
    • A currently playing video will be stopped and closed in this case.
    • Note - the video url must be always relative to the main krpano swf file!
  • closevideo()
    • Stops the video and closes the video stream.
    • Resuming or playing again ist not possible.
  • stop()
    • Stops the video and moves to the first frame and pauses there.
    • The video can be resumed via play() or resume()
  • play()
    • Resumes a paused or stopped video.
  • pause()
    • Pauses the video at the current frame.
    • The video can be resumed via play() or resume().
  • resume()
    • Resumes a paused or stopped video.
  • togglepause()
    • Pauses OR resumes the video.