krpano 1.0.8 beta 8

  • Hi,

    1.0.8 beta 8 is ready!
    now with distorted hotspots and videos

    krpano 1.0.8 beta 8 and Tools

    Update - 2009-06-09:

    • fixed random crashing (flashplayer bug:
    • fixed "local" variable access in plugin/hotspots onhover events work now
    • fixed prealign (also added prealign to the editor plugin)
    • fixed autorotate on partial panos
    • fixed plugin/hotspot UNLOAD event
    • fixes custom cursor was hidden after loading a new one
    • editor plugin
      • fixed hotspot scaling via SHIFT/CTRL on Mac
      • removed internal/readonly parameters (ispaused,ismovie)
      • the logkey ('o') is disabled now while xml editing
    • new: showtext() - added <sq> or [sq] for single quotes (') and <dq> or [dq] for double quotes (")
    • new: added "flying" parameter for hotspots for "fly-out" hotspots

    Update - 2009-06-15:

    • videoplugin
      • width/height settings
      • no sound gap at the beginning
      • sound volume control without enabled directionalsound
    • fixed flyout rotation for camroll (drag3D)
    • fixed looktohotspot() - wrong caluclation of the hotspot center on wrapped point coordniates
    • fixed/changed quote character parsing ('' or "")
    • kmakemultires/kmakepreview - fixed wrong colors for preview image on PPC mac
    • new: support for 2x3 or 3x2 cubestrips (strip = order from left to right and then up to down)
    • new: flyout zorder/others flying back example

    NEWS/CHANGES from beta7 to beta8:
    (for the new features from beta7 have a look at here - 1.0.8 beta 7)


    • distorted hotspots

      • distorted parameter for hotspots (true or false)
      • rx,ry,rz parameters for the 3D roation over the X/Y/Z axis (in degrees)
      • the size can be controlled via width,height and scale
      • refreshrate parameter for animated images (swf hotspots) can be 0-60, default is "auto" - this will automatically detect the frame rate for swf movies (for videos it's recommended to use the videoplayer plugin)
      • to move/scale/rotate the hotspots use the editor plugin
    • xml parsing - "url" attributes

      • all attributes that begin or end with "url" are automatic parsed as urls, if the url was relative, it was made relative to the xml in which it was defined (this was used for the "videourl" parameter in the videoplayer plugin)
    • <style> node for parameter sharing

      • this can be used to reduce the xml code size
      • the same attributes for plugins or hotspots can be stored at one place
      • very well suitable for textfield plugins and (polygonal) hotspots
      • note - the parameters can NOT be overwritten in the plugin/hotspots definition!
      • usage:
        <style name="style1" alpha="0.5" scale="0.5" ... />
        <plugin  name="p1" ... style="style1" />
        <plugin  name="p2" ... style="style1" />
        <hotspot name="h1" ... style="style1" />
    • action parameters

      • use 'parameter' or "parameter" to mark everything between the quotes as a "together connected string"
      • this allows the usage of commas (,) and blanks in parameters
      • e.g.
        showtext('string, 123');


        showtext("string, string");
    • user defined actions <action> can now be called "direct"

      • e.g. instead of:
        action(actionname, parameters...);

        now also just:


        is possible

    • new "preload" parameter for plugins

      • force loading before pano,
      • can be used for the soundinterface plugin for example to make sure that the soundinterface is already loaded before making calls to it
      • example usage:
        <krpano onstart="playsound(...);">
        <plugin url="soundinterface.swf" preload="true" />
    • logkey="false"

      • disables now also the debugging keys
      • note - these keys are only available in the beta versions
    • txtadd(dest, txt1, txt2, txt3, ...)

      • this actions adds strings together
      • dest = txt1 + txt2 + txt3 + ...
    • WAIT flag for the tween() action

      • waiting until this tween has been finished before the next action command will be executed
      • usage:
    • new "tweentypes" (with optional parameters)

      • easeInElastic(amplitude,period); (defaults: automatic)
      • easeOutElastic(amplitude,period); (defaults: automatic)
      • easeInBack(overshoot); (defaults: overshoot=1.7015)
      • easeOutBack(overshoot); (defaults: overshoot=1.7015)
      • usage:


    • mod() - math modulate operator

      • usage:
      • dst=val1 % val2
      • val1,val2 can be values or variables
    • adjusthlookat(desthlookat)

      • adjusts the hlookat value for manual tweening
      • it fixes the 360 wrap around for the shortest way to "desthlookat"
      • usage:
    • fscommand() action

      • for controlling the standalone projector (.exe/.app files from the kprotect tool)
      • usage examples:

        • fscommand(quit);

          • quits the standalone flashplayer
        • fscommand(showmenu,false);

          • hides the menubar of the standalone flashplayer
        • fscommand(exec,application.exe);

          • starts an external application
          • NOTE - this application must be in a subfolder named "fscommand"
    • CHANGED - the "stop()" action was removed! (now used by the videplayer plugin)

      • but stopall() (which is the same) is still working
    • Bugfixes:

      • error() action - commas (,) are allowed now in the error message
      • QTVR - added a error message for unsupported header compression
      • element access (global/local)
      • locked autorotate on limited fov
      • custom cursor fixes - hidden cursor, wrong cursor
      • plugin/hotspot - onup event was also triggered after removing
      • memory tiles cache optimized
      • fixed "upside down" mouse control
      • lookto() - fixed vertical loops
      • if() - then/else actions were executed in the wrong order
      • if(var, ...) - true/false checking improved
      • showtext() - now executed "in order"


    • editor plugin

      • image and polygon hotspots can be moved now
      • 3D distorted image hotspots can be moved/rotated/scaled
      • bufix - architectural projection is now disabled while drawing hotspots
      • xml generator partially updated for the new attributes
    • soundinterface plugin

      • bugfix - sound directions
    • googlemaps plugin

      • new control for the map type:
        <maptypecontrol visible="true" anchor="rightbottom" x="2" y="2" buttonalign="v" />
        • buttonalign parameter, possible values: "h" (for horizontal) and "v" (for vertical alignment of the buttons)
      • maptypes parameter

        • set available map types
        • example:
      • onmaptypechanged event

        • will be called when the map type changes


    • Linux versions of all command line tools
    • kprotect

      • bugfix - domain limiting in "Embedded XML" mode
    • kmakemultires

      • tilename adjustable
      • bugfix - wrong jpeg imagesize
    • kcube2sphere

      • bugfix - wrong jpeg imagesize
      • bugfix - "-size" parameter was ignored

    What's left for the final 1.0.8 version:

    • optional automatic flash9/flash10 switching for best performance on all systems
    • others fov types (hfov,vfov,dfov,mm,zoom)
    • more customizable progressbar
    • encrypted external images
    • "keep multires level" still not working
    • adjustable sharpen effect
    • controllable filters/effects (glow,shadow,blur...) for plugins/hotspots
    • new mouse control mode
    • cylindrical QTVRs
    • complete new editor with much more possibilities
    • finished kprotect tool
    • kprotect command line tool
    • docu / examples
    • updated website
    • ...?

    Links to 1.0.8 beta 8 new examples:
    (all of them are included in the download package)

  • I am a novice and I just added the nodal cover

    simple and quick loving it......

    I have used the images from the sunex fisheye examples *thumbsup*

    I am still undecided on the pano workflow

    8m sigma ninja pano head or sunex fisheye without the need for nodal,but thats another discussion,send me an email for workflow suggestions

    great job klaus


  • Amazing Klaus :) By this release you've unofficially defeated FPP - 3 cheers! hip hip Hooray!

    1 tiny thingy, I've noticed that tab, 9, 0 still work in the beta. I thought you mentioned removing it with the next beta ;)  *thumbsup*

  • Hi, thanks to all

    1 tiny thingy, I've noticed that tab, 9, 0 still work in the beta. I thought you mentioned removing it with the next beta

    do disable them, just set "logkey" to "false", this disables also these keys, see:



    • disables now also the debugging keys
    • note - these keys are only available in the beta versions

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